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Dystopia Desolation – AR Horror
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Dystopia Desolation — AR Horror is a fascinating game that takes the general concept of Pokemon Go and gives it a dark twist.

Offered for free through the iTunes Store, this app makes exploring all your local lurks a new experience.


With an intriguing name, Dystopia Desolation, by Jonathan Corner, actually offers players a game in concept that is much more familiar to many of them than its name implies.

As indicated previously, the general concept of this app rests on much of the same idea as the instant success app, Pokemon Go. However, unlike in Pokemon Go where your primary purpose involves the capturing and evolving of relatively cute creatures, Dystopia Desolation features a terrifying gang of zombies and other monsters.

These creatures are scattered throughout your actual GPS map, meaning that you travel to various locations in order to add them to your crew.

Characters can be leveled up throughout the app, making them more powerful and more likely to win your in-app battles.

For fans who revel in the dark side and love monsters, Dystopia Desolation — AR Horror provides a good number of very cool characters to search out.

However, for others who are just want to find characters, the app doesn’t really offer you anything that the already popular Pokemon Go doesn’t already. In other words, this game has a pretty specific target audience.

Appearance and Layout:

Dystopia Desolation AR Horror iPhone App Review

Dystopia Desolation AR Horror iPhone Game

The appearance of Dystopia Desolation really is not its strong point. Characters are decently detailed, but it’s really their names and special features that sets them apart more than any particularly impressive graphics.

Some monsters even appeared somewhat blurry at times.  As far as the layout of the game goes, however, the app’s Apple Store page provides helpful tips on how to best navigate and utilize the app, and with these bits of advice, figuring out how to get around Dystopia Desolation is really doable.


Dystopia Desolation — AR Horror, as mentioned previously, is a game designed for a very specific target audience. With this in mind, this game is an excellent value and definitely worth a download.

It’s free with optional in-app purchases available if you want to advance your characters faster. The characters are unique, even though the concept of the game is definitely borrowed from an already existing app.

While the graphics of Dystopia Desolation aren’t particularly impressive, they do get the job done and don’t detract from the overall fun of the app.

Overall, while Dystopia Desolation may not be seen as an entertaining app by some, it will probably be well received by its target audience.

download (5)Dystopia Desolation — AR Horror requires iOS 8.1 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

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