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The Dark Matter
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The Dark Matter is an arcade-style app that challenges you to survive an onslaught of dark matter within the universe. Sporting a retro appearance, this app is featured in almost 150 different countries.  


The Dark Matter, from Leven Lab, may have a scary sounding title, but make no mistake about it, this is actually a really fun and entertaining game.

In this app you’re challenged to think quickly while you bounce your way through the universe, being quick to fly into power-ups and other helpful matter while also carefully avoiding the “dark matter” that’s strewn throughout the game.

Control within the app is via finger tapping, and quickly making decisions is essential for any significant survival.

When first starting out within the app, some basic minimal instruction is provided. However, after a few quick lines, you’re pretty much on your own to figure out how to dominate the game.

Flying into the wrong things or letting yourself crash to the ground results in a round ending. Controlling yourself within The Dark Matter is easy to understand in theory, but I definitely found it more difficult to successfully execute within the game; this is a very fast-paced app.

Despite its fast pace, however, I was very pleased to not run into any lag while playing the game.

Appearance and Layout:

The Dark Matter iPhone App Review

The Dark Matter iPhone App Review

This game is a thrill for anyone with memories of old school arcade games, it does not disappoint.

The graphics of The Dark Matter are perfectly reminiscent of your favorite retro games; details are kept to a simple minimum, with just enough intricacy of design to keep you impressed but not so much that you feel overwhelmed.

Since much of this app’s focus relies on color-based coding for “good” and “bad” matter, differentiating between items you should fly into and those you should attempt to avoid is not difficult at all.

The overall layout of The Dark Matter is equally simple to navigate.


This is a free app. It offers a fun, fast-paced challenge for anyone who enjoys retro graphics and quick thinking.

It’s an easy game to understand, yet addictively difficult to master. However, even though The Dark Matter can be downloaded and played for free, your entertainment gained by playing this fun app does come at the cost of being forced to watch somewhat frequent in-app video ads.

Since these ads tend to be around 30 seconds long, it can feel difficult to really find a good, sustainable rhythm between game attempts.

The Dark Matter iPhone app requires iOS 8.1 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

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