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Quirkies Evolution
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Quirkies Evolution is an innovative app that lets kids have fun while they’re learning the concepts of evolution.

Free through the iTunes Store, this app allows children to create their own creatures through mate selection.


The name of Quirkies Evolution, released by Indiana University, really sums up the app well. Created through Indiana University with the purpose of teaching the basic principles of evolution (like natural selection and recombination and mutation of genes), this app is really aimed at elementary school aged children.

Within Quirkies Evolution, players get the option of “evolving” their own unique creatures through choosing compatible mates; the app also lets you “choose” what traits you’d like your creatures to evolve through an algorithm at the start of the game.

Of course, sometimes different things will happen to your populations that you lack control of; this is meant to be part of the educational experience of the app.

If you do happen to create a population of creatures that you’re particularly proud of, you then have the opportunity to name it and share it with your friends.

The app also features mini-games and various educational video links throughout it to also further drive home the points about evolution that it was created to teach.

Appearance and Layout:

Quirkies Evolution iPhone App Review

Quirkies Evolution iPhone App Review

If you’re looking for fun, “quirky” characters, then Quirkies Evolution is a great app. Its graphics are pretty simple; detailed drawings are not the base for the characters within this game. However, the creatures created within the app are all unique, with enough distinguishing features to have absolutely no problem telling them apart.

Additionally, for an app that has a lot of “add-in” features (mostly different educational resources), the layout of Quirkies Evolution is impressively clean and simple.

Elementary school aged students should have no difficulty with navigating through the different features of this app.


As mentioned previously, Quirkies Evolution is a free app. It has no ads, no IAPs and strong educational merit. Plus, it’s easy for elementary-aged school children to get the hang of very quickly.

There are a good number of educational videos provided throughout the app as well. However, Quirkies Evolution probably has a relatively slim target audience.

Some of the educational points might be viewed as too complicated for younger audiences, and at the same time middle schoolers may find this app to be too simplistic/not difficult enough to be entertaining for any significant period of time.

For its target audience, though, this app does offer a fun storyline and entertaining graphics.   

download (2)Quirkies Evolution requires iOS 7.1 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

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