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LONELY SUN – Be Gravity’s Guiding Hand
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Lonely Sun is an exciting and innovative game that challenges players to be the “guiding hand of gravity” and bring together an entire solar system.

Sold for under $3 from the iTunes Store, this game has a fascinatingly unique storyline.


Lonely Sun–Be Gravity’s Guiding Hand, by Rinikulous Games Corp, is a game whose storyline is somewhat summed up in its app name.

Specifically, players within this game are tasked with the job of bringing together a solar system around the “lonely sun” in order to complete the destiny of the cosmos.

This task is accomplished through multiple levels, each designed to help you bring into the system a unique planet until the entire mission is accomplished. Each of these planets is its own fascinating world as well.

However, the task of being “gravity’s guiding hand” in bringing together these planets is easier said than done, as you must also avoid the dangerous matter flying about in the universe as well.

Overall, while I really enjoyed the concept of Lonely Sun, I do think it would be more of a fulfilling game if there were more checkpoints throughout.

While it’s certainly true that “real life” doesn’t have checkpoints, it’s also true that “real life” isn’t an iOS game.

Appearance and Layout:

Lonely Sun iPhone App Review

Lonely Sun iPhone Game

Just as the overall storyline concept for Lonely Sun is unique, so are the graphics for this game.

In fact, these uniquely beautiful graphics are among the most impressive features of the game; they provide the player with a design that is both simplistic and hauntingly beautiful all at once.

Although the goal of Lonely Sun might seem overwhelming to some (afterall, arranging a solar system is a bit of a large task), the graphic design of this game certainly helps to make this game a more soothing than tiring one.

The layout of this app is equally well done; even first time players should find navigating through the game to be a relatively simple task.


As mentioned above, Lonely Sun can be downloaded for $2.79. This is a higher price tag that that of the many free games on the iOS store today, and because of this, many players will likely be deterred from trying out the game in the first place.

However, for players who do decide to give it a chance, they probably won’t be disappointed. The graphics and storyline offered in Lonely Sun are both fresh and exciting.

Still, for players who prefer games with frequent and consistent “checkpoints” throughout, Lonely Sun might not be the best investment.

download (3)Lonely Sun–Be Gravity’s Guiding Hand requires iOS 9.3 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

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