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DetecThink – Math Puzzles
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DetecThink–Math Puzzles is an incredible app that challenges kids to use their math skills to solve mysteries.

This app is a very cool combination of ingenious design, compelling game play, and solid pedagogy. But most of all it’s a total blast to play and makes math fun.


If your child loves the idea of being a crime-solving detective, then DetecThink, by Intellipath Games, might be just the app for them.

However, instead of only presenting children with an exciting, engaging storyline in which they’re the primary protagonists, DetecThink also doubles up as a math skills-building app.

Specifically, throughout the app players are challenged to solve math problems in order to advance; from letting down a drawbridge to piecing together clues, working out basic math problems is essential to successfully completing DetecThink.

This app also offers very customizable features for both parents and children; parents are able to set up up multiple accounts for multiple children, have updates on their kids’ progress sent to them via personalized progress reports, and adjust settings to allow for different levels of difficulty, based on an individual child’s math skills.

“Detectives” within the app get to set up their own names and choose the appearance of their character.

Appearance and Layout:

DetecThink iPhone App Review

DetecThink iPhone App

The graphics of DetecThink are appropriate for its target audience. The characters are somewhat cartoonish, but still adequately detailed.

While in-app graphics might be a bit boring for older children, most players of this app will probably be perfectly pleased with its appearance.

The number of options to change your detective’s outfit/features is impressive, and the different puzzles within the overall storyline offer detailed enough graphics to keep things interesting for most target-age players.

The layout of this app is also easily navigated, both for parents and children.


DetecThink is free with in-app purchases, however, these purchases appear to unlock the whole storyline (for $4.99) and provide in-app help for your personal detective character.

While $4.99 sounds like a relatively steep price to pay to fully complete and enjoy a game (since what child wants to only play a game part way?), the educational value of DetecThink is well worth this price, particularly for children who struggle with enjoying mathematics.

The parent report system also is helpful for allowing parents to see their child’s progress through the app, showing them just how much their investment is being used.

download (20)DetectThink–Math Puzzles requires iOS 8.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

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