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Color Dash!
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Color Dash! is an exciting fast-paced games that challenges you to think quickly and concentrate on the task at hand.

Free through the iTunes Store, this game makes you think on your toes.


Color Dash!, as indicated by its name, is app where your quick recognition of colors is essential for success.

However, you’re thrown for a twist in this clever game, by Hari Pingali. Even though your job is to correctly match the word color to the color block, the actual word itself is often spelling out a different color which really distracts your mind from its task.

For instance, while the font coloring that you need to match is blue, the letters of the word itself might read “red.”

As simple as this sounds it’s actually an impressively tricky game, particularly when paired with a need to work quickly.

Different challenges such as constantly moving locations of colors within the game keep things fresh even when you’re feeling like an “experienced” player.

Playing Color Dash! is a smooth operation; I found that the app didn’t lag at all as I worked towards trying to make high scores, although my brain definitely felt like it was lagging at times!

As a whole, this app offers an entertaining way to challenge your brain.

Appearance and Layout:

Color Dash! iPhone App Review

Color Dash! iPhone Game

However, while Color Dash! is a fun game conceptually, it’s a bit lacking in visual appeal.

This is not just because the colors are very glaringly bright (it’s understood these colors are an essential part of the app) but it’s more an issue of an overall non-impressive usage of layout and fonts.

Specifically, the typography within the app feels old and dated–and not in a classic, vintage way.

The layout of Color Dash! is not intuitive; navigating through Color Dash! should be a seemingly simple task, but the in-app navigational titles aren’t as clearly descriptive as ideal.

While this is definitely a fun game, it’s not one that will attract players through its graphics.


Color Dash! is an entertaining game. It’s simple to grasp the concept of, but it does make you think differently than your mind is naturally inclined.

Mastering it takes a focus and concentration.

The fact that it’s a free game definitely also adds to its appeal–anyone can download it to try it out risk-free. However, as mentioned previously, the visual appeal of Color Dash! is somewhat lacking; the graphics are much less exciting than those of many other quick-thinking apps on the market today.

We expect this game to improve over time with more appealing graphics and a much improved user-friendly navigational system.

download (4)Color Dash! requires iOS 6.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

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