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Highlights™ Shapes – Learning Puzzles for My Preschooler
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Highlights Shapes – Learning Puzzles for My Preschooler is an incredible app that provides a playful learning environment for preschoolers.

This well-designed app is sure to delight its target audience as it develops their kids’ critical thinking and creative skills.


As indicated by its name, Highlights Shapes, an app by Highlights for Children, Inc., features various puzzles for preschoolers to solve, all while building their problem solving skills.

The app’s puzzles are made up of shapes and colors, teaching children to correctly identify these along the way. Puzzles are solved with  friendly in-app animal buddies and different challenge levels feature different fun environments, from a jungle to outer space.

Correctly solving a puzzle within a level helps build the details of the level, and the app increases a little bit in difficulty as children advance through the levels.

Developed in collaboration with an early childhood learning expert from Columbia College, the age-appropriate challenges of this app really are impressive.

Highlights Shapes is a very engaging app and easy to play–perfect for preschool-aged children. While solving the puzzles was obviously easy for an adult, Highlights Shapes’ challenges were still clearly well thought out.

Appearance and Layout:

Highlights Shapes iPhone App Review

Highlights Shapes iPhone App

The graphics of this app are certainly age appropriate. Although incredibly simple, this simplicity helps keep the focus of the app on its intended challenges (such as shape identification).

Navigation through the app is equally simple, definitely easy enough for a young child to figure out how to play the game on his own with minimal assistance.

The in-app cartoon characters are all friendly; there’s definitely no mistaking that friendly fox for a ferocious beast.

As a whole, the appearance and layout of Highlights Shapes perfectly aligns with its intended purpose.


Highlights Shapes is an app that is free to download. The first level is also free to play, which is really great for any parents who are wanting to see how interested their child is in the app.

Levels 2 and 3 can be purchased for a single in-app purchase of $2.99. This fee is a bit higher than ideal for a children’s game, but the the value of the game compared to other games of its type is quite good.

Overall, Highlights Shapes is a fun game that will delight your preschooler while also building critical thinking skills.

We especially appreciate the fact that the first level is free letting you try out this fantastic app so you can see for yourself how well produced it is.

download (15)Highlights Shapes – Learning Puzzles for My Preschooler requires iOS 7.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

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