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GoEuro – train, bus, flight
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GoEuro-Train, Bus, Flight is an incredible app that makes planning your dream European vacation easier than ever before.

Free to use, this app does all of the work of searching for the best travel deals for you.


The name of this app really accurately describes its features. Specifically, GoEuro, by GoEuro, helps users go throughout Europe by giving them a one-app location to research and book transportation from basically any city to any other town in the continent.

The extensive coverage of this app throughout Europe really is impressive. The app allows for travel searches to be done for tickets for trains, planes, or buses; prices shown within the app are flat rates, without any hidden fees.

Secure purchasing of tickets can also be done through GoEuro, really allowing this app to be useful for both finding and buying tickets to fulfill all your travel needs.

GoEuro can be tested out without needing to create a user account if consumers just want to test out the features of the app as well.

Personally, I found GoEuro to run quickly and smoothly; while there seemed to be slight in-app lag on occasion, this minor lag didn’t negatively affect the usefulness of the app in the long run.

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GoEuro iPhone App

Appearance and Layout:

The design of GoEuro is somewhat lacking in attractiveness. While the features of this app are really great, the graphics could use a little bit of work.

“Functional” would probably be the best way to describe the current design of GoEuro, and while it’s certainly ideal for an app’s design to lend itself to good functionality, it would be nice for it to have more aesthetic appeal as well.

Still, the layout of GoEuro is easy to navigate, and the lack of frills makes it easy to access all of the features of the app.

As a whole, while the appearance of GoEuro isn’t anything to laud, its layout is still is appreciably easy to use.


As mentioned above, GoEuro is a free app to use. The only purchases you might make through the app are bookings for your actual vacations, which makes sense if you’re planning on making those vacation bookings anyways.

While the appearance of GoEuro could use some brightening up, the layout of the app does lend itself to easy navigation.

Overall, GoEuro is definitely an app worth checking out for anyone who is planning travel around the continent.

download (14)GoEuro requires iOS 7.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

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