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EssayShark: Online Paper Help And Writing Homework Tutoring Service
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EssayShark: Online Paper Help and Writing Homework Tutoring Service is an app that every student should check out.

It provides homework help from the convenience of your mobile device and is aimed at students from high school through university levels.


The name of EssayShark, an app by FrogProg Limited, fairly accurately paints a picture of what kind of features are offered through the app.

Although the official app description is basically that of an online essay-writing, tutor-guiding service, the review comments left within the actual app itself seem to point more towards a different genre.

Specifically, the app’s main function appears to be mostly used by students paying tutors/writers through the app to complete homework assignments for them.

These assignments can range to include any number of topics, and specific writers can also specialize in focused areas of study as well.

The price for an essay appears to vary by the length of the topic, and samples are provided within EssayShark to give users an idea of what to expect. Most of the reviews for different writers within the app are very positive.

Again, while EssayShark can also be used for getting generalized writing advice (without having a full paper written for you), it seems that most users of the app don’t use it just for simple advice.

Appearance and Layout:

EssayShark iPhone App Review

EssayShark iPhone App

EssayShark is extremely easy to use.

This ease is largely due to its simple layout that is really easy to navigate. Setting up an account is fairly instant, and payments within the app are done via PayPal.

Discovering different writers and researching their past works and reviews is also a cinch; this can particularly be helpful if you’re wondering how well a particular writer might do on your specific assignment.

However, the graphics of EssayShark aren’t particularly impressive; while the app is very user-friendly, its appearance isn’t very exciting. Still, the app’s design could be described positively as “functional.”


While EssayShark is free to create an account, actually using the services offered through the app definitely is an active investment.

Writing services/homework help come at a price; while the rates through the app are arguably cheaper than that of a personal “real-life” tutor, the results you get from the services offered through the app may not be as predictable.

For some, use of EssayShark’s features might actually be in violation to academic honor codes. While there are definitely ways to use this app with integrity, the range of services offered puts the onus on students to use the app in a way that is helpful without going over the line.

download (18)EssayShark requires iOS 8.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

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