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Finding new friends, and especially ones that you have something in common with, can be a challenge. There are plenty of social apps targeting all kinds of hobbies, but none that we know of where the center piece is your cup of coffee.

Coffee Phone lets you meet new people and expand your social circle all while getting a cup of joe.

Sitting down for a cup of coffee at your favorite coffee shop is now even more of a social experience.

Free to download, this app both helps you locate local restaurants and connect with other users of the app.

Reviewed by MC

Reviewed by Marilyn Chau


Coffee Phone, by Andrea Sangiorgio, helps to connect you to other users of the app within your local proximity.

You’re able to “share a coffee” with another user, and this opens up a line of in-app dialogue. You have the ability to express yourself by creating your own individualized “coffee cup” as part of your in-app profile, although having access to the chatting feature does require a $0.99 one-time fee.  

The app also features a “search” function that locates all nearby bars in your area, although this feature can be a little bit confusing for anyone who has not been to Italy.

In many countries, including the US, a “bar” means a place to go for beer, wine, and other spirits. In Italy, however, a “bar” is usually a place to go for an espresso or some other coffee beverage.

One nice feature to this search option included in the app is the ability to see an estimated driving time to a bar/lounge location as well as the option to place a call through the app if reserving a table or finding out a wait time is desired. Still, all of these search features seem to be actions easily done with other already existing apps (like Google maps).

Appearance and Layout:

Coffee Phone iPhone App Review

Coffee Phone iPhone App

Unfortunately, the graphics and layout of this app don’t really jump out and grab you.

Figuring out how to navigate Coffee Phone takes a bit longer than ideal; the layout of the app isn’t entirely intuitive. We think this is one area where the developers have an opportunity to improve this app .

While we are fans of how this app lets you customize your coffee cup, overall the graphics tend to be minimalistic. That can be a good thing but instead of feeling modernly simplistic the design of Coffee Phone comes across as more bland.

Overall, the appearance and layout of this app are probably best described as “functional” but nothing more.


While Coffee Phone is an interesting concept, and we can certainly expect it to be much improved over time, the app doesn’t really seem to execute its promised features very well.

Even though this app is free to download and create your own profile for, actually locating other users of Coffee Phone or using the in-app chatting feature requires an in-app purchase of $0.99.

As with any new social app, the key is quickly building a sizable user community. We’d like to see the base functionality free with IAPs for add-ons such as custom images for your cup. Monetization could also come from discreet coffee shop ads.

When there are already free “meet-up” apps on the market today, it seems difficult to recommend Coffee Phone as a strong competitor to already existing more popular apps.

download (16)Coffee Phone requires iOS 9.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

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