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Inspirational Quote Maker and Instant Chat Messenger
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Reviewed by Marilyn Chau

Inspirational Quote Maker and Instant Chat Messenger makes sharing motivational quotes quick, easy and fun.

Available for free through the iTunes Store, this app, by My Happy Ltd, lets you exercise your graphic design skills as you create inspirational artwork for your friends and family.


Inspirational Quote Maker is an app designed to do just as its name implies–to help you create and share inspirational artwork.

Specifically, this app offers users a wide collection of quotable material, all organized by specific topics. Writing your own messages/quotes can also be done if desired.

Quotes can then be placed over graphics, either images from your own photo library or images from the in-app collection, and in-app filters can be applied to any design as well.

When you’ve settled on a final image design you can then save your “Happy” and share it with fellow users. Like other photo-sharing platforms, Inspirational Quote Maker uses internet connections to upload and view other “Happies,” instead of your texting/messaging data plan.

Using Inspirational Quote Maker is impressively simple–the in-app icons smoothly guide you through the process of creating and sharing a Happy.

I was also impressed with the range of personalization options offered when creating a Happy.

Appearance and Layout:

Reviewed by MC

Inspirational Quote Maker and Instant Chat Messenger iPhone App

A definite strength of this app is its design, which makes sense for an app created with graphic design as one of its intended functions.

Not only is the layout of Inspirational Quote Maker entirely intuitive, but the in-app graphics of the app are also excellent as well. The fonts offered for the inspirational quotes are offered in a wide variety, making it truly easy to customize your “Happies” created through the app.

Additionally, the in-app library of photos/backgrounds is also impressive, allowing even users who don’t have a lot of their own photos to take advantage of what Inspirational Quote Maker has to offer.

As a whole, the appearance and layout of this app are possibly its greatest strengths.


Overall, Inspirational Quote Maker and Instant Chat Messenger is a fun, well-designed app that will probably appeal to its target audience.

It offers a large library of quotes, photos, and design material for free, and putting together the different features of the app is easy to do, even for beginner users.

At the same time, even though this is a well-designed app, it’s not an entirely new app concept; other quote-generating apps are already in existence.

Still, the features of this particular app make it worth downloading for anyone who really enjoys sharing motivational images throughout the day with friends and family.  

download (13)Inspirational Quote Maker and Instant Chat Messenger requires iOS 8.4 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

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