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Head Shot: Photo Assassin
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Reviewed by Marilyn Chau

Head Shot: Photo Assassin is a fun and challenging location-based, social game that’s best described as a game of “tag” for adults on steroids.

This app, created by Gregory Soroka, could definitely appeal to players in a region where the game is popular.


The basics of Head Shot is to take a photo of other players in your surrounding area before they take a picture of you.

The game will notify you when a player is nearby. It is then up to the players to locate where the other player is and capture his/ her photo; players earn points when they successfully get a “head shot” of another player.

The game heavily relies on a player’s location. The only way to earn any points and increase your spot on the leaderboard is by having other players of the game around to take photos of.

We can definitely see this being a ton of fun when a club, fraternity, Meetup group, group of friends or even work buddies get together to play in a specified area.

If you’re just jumping in to play by yourself, however, don’t be surprised if other players are many miles away.

The game itself is interesting, but is heavily dependent on other players in your area; so to really enjoy it, at least for now, you’ll probably have to supply the group yourself.

The “shot” player then confirms if the photo is a picture of them. Once the player confirms they’ve been “shot,” the “shooter” receives 10 points.

As with most games, there is an assumption, and dependency, that players will be honest. If you’re shot you have to admit it. And frankly there shouldn’t be an issue with that, especially when playing with friends. Of course the system can me ‘gamed’ by creating multiple accounts to “shoot.”

Appearance and Layout:

Head Shot: iPhone App Review

Head Shot: Photo Assassin: iPhone App

The designers of this app did an excellent job with the layout of Head Shot, it’s organized very well and easy to navigate.

The main screen of the game is the camera which allows for quick access to getting that photo of a nearby player.

However, since this game is about competition, the leaderboard should be easily accessible and able to be displayed in sections; such as region or sub-unit of your group.

Since the game is heavily dependent on other players and has a bit of a social aspect to it, it seems that it would make sense for the social/ notification panel to be enhanced in this game as well.


Overall, Head Shot is a unique, fun new game that could be popular amongst multiple friend groups and communities.

This game could certainly thrive on college campuses due to highly concentrated amount of similar people within an area. It also seems to be arriving at a time when people are more interested in apps that get them off the couch and running around, such as Pokemon Go, and that can only help make this app a huge success.

If you’re interested in Head Shot, it is currently free in the app store and is worth checking out, especially if you have a group of friends who are willing to try something new out.

download (12)Head Shot: Photo Assassin requires iOS 7.1 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

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