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Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

To say that we live in a fast-paced and ever-changing world is quite an understatement. We spend so much time dwelling on the past and worrying about the future that it makes it difficult to focus on the present moment.

Selfie Request is lots of fun to use and makes it easy to stay in touch with friends and family through selfies and brief text messages.

Concept and Functionality:

Getting started with Selfie Request, an iPhone app by MediaOne International, LLC, is pretty simple.

You have the option of signing up with Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or email address. It’s worth noting that you also have to provide a phone number in order to receive a confirmation text so you can create your account.

The idea behind Selfie Request is to send and receive requests on the fly. The app is designed to require a maximum of 99 seconds for you to respond to a request with a photo and a brief text message that describes what you’re doing.

The goal is to keep your friends updated without worrying about composing the perfect photo, and Selfie Request gets the job done making it easy to connect with friends and family.

While I really like the idea behind Selfie Request, I had a hard time justifying the use of the app over other apps like iMessage and Snapchat. The limited response time is neat but you probably won’t always be able to send a response because you’re busy doing something else.


Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

Reviewed by Sarah Hanlon

Selfie Request is off to a good start when it comes to being a social networking photo app, but there are quite a few important features that seem to be missing.

For example, even though you create a username, it seems like the app can only connect with people in your iPhone address book. This makes it incredibly complicated for people like me who don’t want to give apps permission to import contacts data. I think it would be much better if we could connect with each other via username.

If you’re concerned about privacy, the developers of Selfie Request state that once a selfie is viewed by a user and subsequently closed, the image is deleted forever.

Naturally this can be circumvented with screenshots and so on, so you definitely don’t want to send anything you wouldn’t want your mother to see.


Selfie Request is available to download from the App Store for free and is designed for iPhone.

Users don’t have to worry about in-app purchases, which is definitely good news, although I would really like to see expanded contact options like adding people by phone number or username.

Overall, Selfie Request is a great app for living in the now and letting your friends know you’re thinking about them.

Selfie Requestselfie_request.jpg requires iOS 8.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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