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Scrambled Words Adventure
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Reviewed by Marilyn Chau

Scrambled Words Adventure brings you word puzzles that lead you through a fun collection of challenging levels.

Offered for free with optional in-app purchases, Scrambled Words Adventure challenges you to think outside of the box to advance through the app.


Scrambled Words Adventure, by Brainivore LLC, is basically a word search game on steroids.

The app presents you with different levels of challenging hidden word puzzles but unlike traditional word searches, however, you aren’t limited to one level of lines for words.

Instead, you’ll need more creativity with Scrambled Words Adventure to connect letters through multiple lines to find the hidden words in these puzzles.

This app also has randomly placed “joker” pieces that are strewn throughout the app to help you out. These pieces are wild cards and so can be any letter that you’d like them to be.

As you connect letters into words, those letters/words disappear, leaving you with a new gameboard to work with. Scrambled Words Adventure also pits you against different “bosses” throughout the levels that make it harder by doing things like slowing you down or switching up letters on you.

While playing Scrambled Words Adventure I found the concept of the game to be very easy to pick up. However, I felt that the actual gameplay was frustratingly glitchy at times; the app repeatedly kept freezing at the completion of the first level.

Appearance and Layout:

Scrambled Words Adventure iPhone App Review

Scrambled Words Adventure iPhone Game

The appearance and layout is probably the best done area of Scrambled Words Adventure. Understanding how to play the game is easy, particularly since so much of the concept of the game is similar to that of other apps.

Navigating through the app is also easily accomplished, since the developers decided to go with a very basic, intuitive layout.

The in-app lettering is a bit cartoonish, but this trends more towards making the app feel charming instead of childish in this case.

Graphics throughout the app are mostly focused on these letter tiles, but other details are thrown into the different unique aspects of the game help to spice things up at times.

As a whole, the graphics and layout of Scrambled Words Adventure are arguable the strongest features of this app.


Scrambled Words Adventure is a fun little game, but as mentioned previously, the game seems a little glitchy. We expect the developers to fix this in the next update but because of this, it’s hard to recommend it as a great value at this time. Most players will probably lose interest in the app before ever actually spending any significant amount of time on it.

In-app purchases for special game pieces to help out with levels can be made if desired. In-app ads are present, but they do not hinder gameplay continuity at all.

Overall, the graphics are fun and lend a little bit of charm to the app, and the concept of the game does have potential once the glitches are all worked out.

download (11)Scrambled Words Adventure requires iOS 6.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

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