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Reviewed by Marilyn Chau

Reviewed by Marilyn Chau

Caldera is a simple yet challenging game that is easy to pick up, difficult to master, and impossible to put down.

Requiring rapid hand-eye coordination, this app will keep you challenged to think quickly.


With bright colors and easy controls, Caldera, from Hellstorm Studios, is a game that will appeal to many players.

The object of the game is to clear the screen of different colored paddles. This is done by matching the color of the paddles with the color of the incoming color-changing ball. The player controls the rotation of the paddles while the ball bounces from north to south.

It sounds easy, but after the first few levels, the game demands quick thinking and timing. For some, Caldera definitely will have a feeling of being a sort of “throwback” game, reminiscent of PONG.

I particularly appreciated the simplicity of Caldera. It doesn’t require a long time to complete a level; if you mess up, you’re able to jump right back in.

This is great for those times when you have a little break and want to do something to keep you occupied and entertained. As players progress through the levels, the game gets pretty challenging.

Caldera iPhone Game

Caldera iPhone Game

The game requires quick thinking and taps to control the “wheel” of paddles. It could possibly be frustrating for some, but rewarding to others.

I found myself struggling, since you can’t know when exactly a ball might change colors.  

Instead, the game requires you to make the taps in a short period of time. Still, this fast-thinking adds to the appeal of Caldera, particularly for players who appreciate good time-challenged games.

Appearance and Layout:

Similar to Caldera’s actual gameplay, the game features a simple, yet fun style.

The game incorporates bright colors that contrasts the black and white paddles and ball, lending to an overall pleasing aesthetic.

Since the actual core gameplay of Caldera is simple, there isn’t much needed in terms of appearance and layout. Navigation through the game’s menus is easy, just like the controls for the game itself.

The actual gameplay is its main feature, and the rest is icing on the cake.


Caldera is free to download with occasional advertisements and a $0.99 IAP to eliminate them. Overall Caldera is a very well crafted game that will offer up hours of entertainment.

caldera-qrCaldera requires iOS 7.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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