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Mech Rush
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Reviewed by Marilyn Chau

Booty Bay Limited brings Mech Rush to the ever expanding lineup of endless runner games.

Mech Rush is well designed, tremendously fun and challenging game that really sets itself apart from average endless runners with very cool personalization features throughout.


The features of this app could pretty much be guessed just based on its name alone. Mech Rush is a mech-based free runner app that sets players free to create their own characters.

Each decision you make can alter the way your Mech conquers in-app obstacles; this makes it possible to switch up the skill sets of your character really easily to allow for maximal personalization.

In-game levels are all different, with impressive graphics throughout the different worlds you have to run/battle through.

Thankfully the controls on Mech Rush are easy to use and really make sense, particularly if you’re used to other similar endless runner games.

Bosses of each world keep this game interesting, with each one being an entirely different challenge to conquer.  Mech Rush loads and operates smoothly on compatible iOS devices; I didn’t have any problem with lag when playing this app.

Appearance and Layout:

Mech Rush iPhone App Review

Mech Rush iPhone Game

Mech Rush, like many other games in its genre, doesn’t have to focus on graphics and appearance as the main contributor to its appeal.

However, the makers of Mech Rush definitely put a good deal of attention into the graphics of their game; Mech Rush’s characters and levels all have details in them that are way above par for free apps of its type.

The screen for setting your particular Mech options seems a little bit crowded, but this can be expected when considering the number of different ways that Mech Rush allows you to vary your character design.

Navigation through Mech Rush is easy as well, and for anyone who is already familiar with endless runner concepts, Mech Rush won’t be hard to get the hang of at all.


Mech Rush is a free app. It has got great graphics for a free runner game, and the controls work well for the style of the game.

Mech Rush is definitely a challenging game, but the level of difficulty is far from impossible.

While it’s hard to recommend Mech Rush over a lot of the other free runner apps on the market today, it is fair to say that this app can certainly hold its own.

In fact, for fans of Mechs, Mech Rush just might be the ideal free runner game.

download (3)Mech Rush iPhone app requires iOS 7.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

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