Highlights Monster Day Teaches Your Preschooler Responsibility

Highlights Monster Day: Play at Home Game for my Preschooler
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Highlights Monster Day is a delightful game for young children that teaches values such as responsibility, compassion and independence.

Featuring a collection of friendly monsters, this app from Highlights for Children, Inc. is designed to be very child appropriate.


Highlights Monster Day: Play at Home Game for My Preschooler is a game designed to give children the joy of taking care of their own “monster” from day to day.

Monsters can go through a series of activities, from eating an impressive assortment of foods for breakfast, to brushing their teeth in the bathroom, to getting dressed and going off on the bus for a full day of school.

Part of the joy of Highlights Monster Day is just figuring out how to guide each “levels” interactions, since each scene offers entirely different ways to take care of your monster. However, unlike in many other apps, players are free to leave this app at any point and can pick up their monster’s day at any time when they return to play again.

The creator’s of Highlights Monster Day state that this app can be used to help children develop fine motor skills through their various interactions with the monsters, as well as help them learn how to independently care for their new friend (their monster).

Children can also take photos through the app of different parts of their monster’s day if they’d like to. As a whole, I thought that the features offered through Highlights Monster Day were well designed; the app is easy to get the hang of, and for children who like the idea of having their own virtual “pet,” this app will probably be a big hit.

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Highlights Monster Day iPhone App Review

Appearance and Layout:

This app is designed for children, and the appearance of it fully speaks to that intended audience.

Graphics are all very colorful and child-friendly; these monsters are far from scary and definitely fall more on the “friendly” side of the monster scale.

Everything about this high-quality app looks and feels fun and exciting; it’s obvious that the app’s designers put careful thought into their graphics and kid-friendly user interface.

Since the app is designed for very young children, most in-app interactions are non-written; players do not need to be of reading level to enjoy Highlights Monster Day. Simple arrows and other button illustrations guide you through your monster caring adventure. In addition, text meant for parents comes in 10 different languages.


Highlights Monster Day currently costs about $3 on the iTunes Store. While this app is well designed, has no IAPs or ads and is very age-appropriate with child-friendly features and a simple to understand storyline, this price still seems pretty steep and we’re concerned many kids who could benefit from it won’t see it because of the relatively high cost.

While we are fans of the “pay once” monetization model for kid’s apps (ie no IAPs or ads), we feel that $3 is about 300% higher than many other excellent preschool titles from lesser known companies and will cause many parents to pass it by.

This app is also available from Google Play and Amazon.

Editor’s Note: The publisher is offering a 3-day price promotion of Highlights Monster Day, their playful monster care game for kids aged 2+. 

The price will be cut from $2.99 to $1.99 for 3 days on the App Store, Google Play and Amazon from Fri 10 to Sun 12 June(Friday and Sunday included).

download (4)Highlights Monster Day requires iOS 7.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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