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Elemelons is a diverting game that challenges your fast thinking and swiping skills. Offered for free, Elemelons by Andrea Probst features a quirky storyline and simple to understand gameplay.


Elemelons challenges players who “think they’re good at swiping” to think quickly. In this unique game of color matching fun, games start out with stationary “melons” that need to be swiped to match their correct color wall.

The game quickly speeds up to include moving melons and redirecting these melons to their correctly colored sides gets pretty challenging. Even more moving pieces are added the further into the game you get.

In-app instructions guide you in basic gameplay, and they teach you how to use some of the special power-ups offered in the app. High scores are kept as well.

Overall, the concept of Elemelons was well translated into this fun, fast-paced game. I did experience some lag with swiping melons on occasion, which was a bit frustrating particularly since quick actions are necessary to succeed in Elemelons.

Appearance and Layout:

Elemelons iPhone App Review

Elemelons iPhone App Review

Matching colors is the main concept in this game and because of that, there is not much need for detailed graphics. Still, the creators of Elemelons made effort to make the characters detailed enough to add a certain charm to the game.

Instructions are provided for first time players, making it very easy to understand the goal of this game. The homepage is simple as well leading to effortless in-app navigation. 

While the graphics of Elemelons are somewhat elementary, they are still fun, quirky and match well with the overall feeling of the game.


As mentioned previously, Elemelons is a free app. In-app purchases for additional lives can be made if desired, but I felt that the difficulty of Elemelons was not so great as to tempt me to make such purchases.

The graphics are quirky and simple, and gameplay in Elemelons is very easy to get the hang of. The issue with occasional in-game lag, however, is definitely a setback for the value of this app; there’s nothing more frustrating than a lagging game preventing you from achieving high scores. If this issue is corrected in a later app update, players of Elemelons would find little to complain about.

Reviewed by MCElemelons iPhone app requires iOS 6.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

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