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Diepa wars io
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Diepa wars io iPhone Game

Diepa wars io iPhone Game

Simply put, Diepa wars io one of the most entertaining games that we’ve ever played on our devices.

Combining multiple features, beautiful graphics and crazy addictive gameplay, the Diepa wars io, from Vasya Cullin, is the game that got our entire office addicted.

It has an interesting storyline, colorful backgrounds that are appealing to any eye and even more engaging sounds and sound effects.

If you want to make your time spent on your device more enjoyable, then this iOS game is the perfect solution for you.

Concept and Idea

The idea of Diepa wars io is to entertain users of all ages. The game is created with a gameplay that reminds us of Agar.io and Slither.io, but it contains more twists and it is much harder to master.

The concept of the game is simple, instead of playing with a blog or a snake, you play with a small tank.

Diepa wars io iPhone Game

Diepa wars io iPhone Game

This tank based Agar.io style game will provide you with hours of fun and it will amaze you with its lovely concept and creative idea.

Features, Gameplay and Graphics

When you start playing Diepa wars io, you start as a small tank in an arena with other tanks. Your main goal is to become the best tank by gaining power and crushing the other tanks around you.

You will have to show your dodging and dashing skills and shoot the obstacles in your way, such as colored squares, triangles and pentagons.

The controls are easy, just tap on your target and shoot, and move around with sliding your fingers on your device’s screen and play in order to get to higher levels.

Once your level bar is filled, you move on to the next level and earn more points. You can even add some stats to your tank, like max health, bullet speed, body damage, bullet damage, reload, movement speed, bullet penetration and health regen.

All of these stats will bring you benefits, so try to level up and use them for becoming the baddest tank out there.

Diepa wars io doesn’t stop there, it contains multiple features that make it even more interesting.

For example, you can choose a singleplayer or a multiplayer gameplay. The developers of this game put a great effort in its whole design. The colors of the objects and of the backgrounds are well chosen and the animations are flawless.

Everything is smartly designed and looks great. The user interface is clean and friendly, allowing you to play with ease.


From our own experience, we can say that the Diepa wars io game will addict you, it will offer you fun-filled time on your iPhone or iPad and it will challenge you to the fullest.

Overall, this iOS game is perfect for anyone that wants to enjoy a great strategy game.

diepa-qrDiepa wars io requires iOS 8.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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