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Reviewed by MC

Reviewed by MC

WordSwish promises to challenge word puzzle enthusiasts. Featuring cleverly created challenges, this app by Jorgen Wede is a great addition to the library of anyone who loves a good mind-bending game.


The name of this app provides an accurate description of its gameplay. Players in WordSwish are given game boards of letters and are challenged to find the words hidden in each of those gameboards; once found, letters are connected into words via a “swishing” action with your fingers.

Hints for the categories of the words that you’re looking for are provided in each level, and the entry levels of WordSwish are created simple enough to make it very easy to get the hang of the app.

The number of letters per word is also provided, and each level always has more than one word hidden in it. This inclusion of multiple words certainly adds to the appeal and challenge of WordSwish.

Levels are unlocked sequentially as you successfully complete challenges, and your in-game score rises with your expertise.

Appearance and Layout:

WordSwish iPhone App Review

WordSwish iPhone Game

While the challenges in the gameplay of WordSwish are impressive (particularly as you get further into the game), the graphics of the app are a bit lacking. The game screen is simple and clean enough, but the levels menu seem a bit cluttered.

The app didn’t translate very well onto the larger screen of a full iPad. There were no problems with the graphics resolution on smaller iOS screens, but things seemed a little blurry on the tablet. All items were still readable, but this app is best played on smaller devices.


WordSwish is a fun and unique game. Its level of difficulty varies greatly, with the beginning levels seeming almost too elementary at times. This ease will probably attract more players to this app than it will turn away; WordSwish may ease you in but it isn’t long until you’re being challenged. 

It’s a free app, with optional in-app purchases for hints in levels if you find yourself stuck at any particular spot. However, the in-app categorical hints (which also show you how many letters a word is) are likely more than enough for most players.

WordSwish is a terrific puzzle app. Offered for free and is an incredible value for word-lovers.

download (2)WordSwish iPhone app requires iOS 6.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

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