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Reviewed by Marilyn Chau

Reviewed by Marilyn Chau

iMedSuite by Ageant Medical Pty Ltd is a group of medical apps all geared towards improving the workflow of physicians.

For busy doctors iMedSuite makes it easier than ever before to stay organized throughout the day.


iMedSuite is an app that certainly offers a lot of features all in one convenient location. Specifically, users can use the “iCallLog” section of the suite to record all of their working hours, keeping detailed records regarding specific conversations and consultations on specific patients.

A separate app, iProcLog, is designed to help interns and residents document their fulfillment of various tasks more easily as well.

Printing out documents for medical charts is also an option through these apps. The interface of iCallLog is simple enough to make these notes on patients relatively quickly.

iMedSuite iPhone App

iMedSuite iPhone App

We definitely see the advantages of this well designed app in many situations.

However, most hospitals and clinics requiring in-house charting for patient medical records to be completed on the hospital’s electronic medical records system. Thus, taking even this little time to make your own notation in your own app might seem like an unnecessary additional step.

Additionally, with current HIPAA requirements being as they are, any users of iMedSuite would definitely need assurance that the information stored within the app is very secure at all times; recording patient information in a personal app may be a potentially problematic situation.

Appearance and Layout:

iMedSuite is a simply designed app. It offers its users a clean, minimalistic interface that is free of unnecessary distractions.

Setting up your account is easy to do, and navigating through the app is very intuitive. In-app graphics are basically kept to important labels only. I felt that the opening screen logo didn’t display well on the larger screen of a full iPad, but on an iPad mini it didn’t look blurry at all.

As a whole, the appearance and layout of iMedSuite can best be described as “functional.” While the graphics of the app are nothing to write home about, they also don’t really leave any room for complaints either.


As noted previously, iMedSuite is a free app, with additional optional companion app purchases also available through the iTunes Store.

The concept of this collection of apps is definitely an appreciated one; keeping a detailed log can be an important part of the medical field, both for protecting physician’s liabilities and for improving patient safety.

Whether or not use of iMedSuite can really help you save time in the long run probably really depends on the particular requirements of whatever hospital/clinic you happen to work in yourself.

Most hospitals all have their own electronic medical record requirements regarding documentation of patient services, and these documentations would most likely be completely separate from your use of this app.

Because of this, if the hospital you work in has its own system, it’s hard to imagine how residents or other physicians would have time to really utilize iMedSuite in addition to in-house documentation requirements during their already busy schedules.

imed-qriMedSuite requires iOS 8.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. A small expedited fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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