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102030 is not just “original and addictive” but it also features a simple concept and helps your math skills too.


As suggested by its name, 102030, by Li Yinjian, is definitely a fresh idea in the app store and is a game where numbers matter.

Specifically, players in this challenging app are given the task of adding up game pieces to equal values of “10,” “20,” or “30.”

However, just being clever with your mathematical strategies isn’t enough to dominate in this game. Instead, in-app “bombs” get in the way of your matchups, and it’s up to you to carefully plan the timing and location of your game pieces in order to successfully rack up high scores.

This app features both “endless” and “challenge” variations, with optional signing in to your iTunes game center account to compete for tops scores if you’d like.

As a whole, we found this innovative game to be just as fresh and fun as promised. It is a simple concept, but it definitely takes awhile to get the hang of. In-app instructions are decently clear, but there is still a learning curve when first starting out.

Appearance and Layout:

102030 iPhone App Review

102030 iPhone App Review

Just as 102030 has a pretty simplistic concept of gameplay, the artwork within the app is very simple as well. Things are kept to a minimum; during games most of your games pieces take up the majority of your screen, with a small portion dedicated to showing scores.

With “ball and stick” game pieces, however, detailed designs really aren’t needed; the simplicity of the graphics matches perfectly with the overall feeling of the app.

Getting around the app is easy to do as well; a home screen shows you a few navigational options to get you oriented when first starting out.


102030 is a free app. It features simple graphics and fun gameplay, and while it might take new players a bit of time to really get the hang of, it’s definitely a game that will delight anyone who loves a good multi-layered challenge.

We had a few instances where the app crashed on me, but as a whole, 102030 ran very smoothly with minimal problems. For a free game, it’s definitely worth at least trying out.

download (1)102030 requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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