Conceptis Cross-a-Pix Proves Puzzles Can be Challenging and Fun


Conceptis Cross-a-Pix
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Conceptis Cross-a-Pix iPhone Game

Conceptis Cross-a-Pix iPhone Game

We all know how fun can puzzle games be and how much hours of entertainment they can offer to us. Unlike any other type of games, puzzle games improve our mind skills and make us think more logically.

So, if you’re bored with the old games you’ve played and want to play a new one, we have the perfect suggestion for you.

Conceptis Cross-a-Pix is a beautifully designed, challenging, and fun new puzzle app that will have you playing for hours.

Designed for both iPhone and iPad and available in multiple languages, it is appealing and can be played by all ages. The logic puzzles that are found within this game app can both challenge and addict you to the fullest. It will glue your hands to your device, like it did it with us.

Concept and Gameplay:

Conceptis Cross-a-Pix, created by Conceptis Ltd., contains exciting puzzles which are waiting for you to solve them. When you solve them, they form lovely whimsical pixel-art images. It features a very cool gameplay which is simple to play, yet addicting. You will net get bored at all playing it for consecutive minutes or even hours.

The whole puzzle concept is just well thought and smartly designed.

Conceptis Cross-a-Pix iPhone Game

Conceptis Cross-a-Pix iPhone Game

Your main goal in this game is to reveal the hidden image by painting squares and filling the blocks like the rules are requiring. You do this with the authentic fingertip cursor which allows you to play with ease and precision.

In order to fill a square, you just have to move the cool cursor to the location you want and touch anywhere on the display. The square and the entire same object in the same section will automatically fill in.


Besides the exclusive fingertip cursor and the endless undo and redo options, Conceptis Cross-a-Pix has tons of puzzle features. There are 42 Cross-a-Fix puzzles in SingleClue and DualClue and 8 extra large bonuses available only on iPad. Play with the three difficulty levels and try to solve more puzzles. The puzzles’ grid sizes up to 20×30 (45×60 for iPad) and they all can be saved, hidden and sorted in the library.

Every puzzle within it is built from a blank grid that is divided into various sections. You can use the clues given to the left of every row and on the top of each column. You can have even more fun with the weekly bonuses – you get extra free puzzle each week. That represents an extra motivation to always give your best.

Overall Value:

Without a doubt this is a great puzzle game. Maybe one of the best I’ve played in the last few months.

There aren’t too many things that bug me, it is just pure enjoyment. If you want to sharpen your logic and mind skills, to improve your cognitive skills and challenge yourself on a new intellectual level, then Conceptis Cross-a-Pix will be a great option for you.

With wonderful design, friendly UI, ad-free and with multiple in-app purchases, this game is free for download and you can find it on the App Store.

conceptis-qrConceptis Cross-a-Pix requires iOS 7.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

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