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Buddy Rush: The Legends
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Company 100 Inc.’s Buddy Rush: The Legends game offers players the opportunity to lead characters to fight in the “cutest RPG.” Free through the iTunes Store, this app is a sequel to the previously created Buddy Rush game.


Buddy Rush: The Legends is an thrilling RPG that brings the charm of round, cute-looking little cartoon characters to the arena of battling iOS games.

Players in this game can choose different characters to play, with the additional option of accessorizing them to make them uniquely yours as well. Battling is set up to be against players all over the world, but this PVP mode is not really the main focus of the app.

Instead, Buddy Rush players are challenged to embark on different missions that are all designed to “help bring peace to the kingdom.” This app features many different characters and battle pieces, making it a bit of a hefty space-taker on your iOS device.

Operations seemed to run fairly smoothly though, which was definitely appreciated during battles. Buddy Rush, like many other apps of its type, is meant to be played while connected to wifi.

While outfitting your character throughout the app is definitely possible without making any in-app purchases, it should be noted that a lot of the optional in-app purchases are offered to improve your Buddy Rush experiences.

Appearance and Layout:

Buddy Rush: The Legends iPhone App Review

Buddy Rush: The Legends iPhone Game

As promised, the developers of Buddy Rush: The Legends have created a game with “cute” graphics.

The cartoon characters are bubbly and unique, giving an interesting “cutesy” twist to a game of battling opponents and questing for treasures.

Colors are vibrantly bright, keeping in line with the overall mood of the game. As with most games, getting used to the layout and controlling of Buddy Rush takes a little time at first, but other than this initial period of getting oriented, the layout is pretty easy to understand.


As indicated above, Buddy Rush: The Legends is a free app. However, just like with Candy Crush or Clash of Clans, there are a lot of optional in-app purchases that could really hike up the cost of playing this game. All that being said, you can play entirely for free if you choose to.

Even though these purchases are purely optional, they seem like they could really be useful within the app, making players more than likely to try them out.

Overall, while Buddy Rush is a fun game, it’s playability “value” is brought down a little by the importance of these in-app purchases. Still, for fans of the game’s characters, Buddy Rush is well worth trying out.

download (9)Buddy Rush: The Legends requires iOS 6.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

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