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Multiples! iPhone Game

Multiples! iPhone Game

Multiples! is a unique new fast-paced numbers game that will have you thinking and tapping as quickly as possible.

It has earned a dedicated user base mostly because of the uniqueness of the game. Although the game is not overly graphically appealing, Multiples!, from Maxton Connor, can and will occupy and entertain you.

The graphical interface is truly the only thing that is simple about this game. It is one of the most complicated and challenging games you’ll likely ever play.

The game has most of the needed features to become a worldwide success and will get to that point easily if some additional things are added, simplified or improved upon.

Concept & Gameplay:

I liked the gameplay and the whole concept of this game. It is a color matching game with a combination of math and numbers. The idea behind it is a bit elaborate; you need to match and tap the circle with the particular color asked in the center.

Multiples! iPhone Game

Multiples! iPhone Game

But you must tap that particular orb only when the correct multiple is shown (if you’ve hit the yellow orb when the count was 5, you must hit it again when the count is 10 etc.). 

You have 4 seconds and you must show great reaction and speed in some instances. However, the game requires concentration as well and that makes it less relaxing.

This is a challenging game. It is very demanding especially because you are also up against the clock.

When you start the game everything will be focused on the center grey orb. Over time, the color of the center circle changes and as the game progresses you’ll have to tap the other orbs that are in that particular color.

The faster you become and the more correctly tapped, the higher your score. The game is neatly designed and the typography is good but I think they should’ve selected other colors for the orbs and the background. This may likely depend upon the personal preference of the player.


To win this game you have to bring great strategy, math skills and memory. It is a game in which the player needs to get involved and stay ultra-focused.

It was really hard at times but as you play it, you’ll get better and start earning higher scores. That means that the game will be great for users who want a total challenge.

The game features high scores so always try to do your best and improve on them. It is the main motivation of the game as well.

Overall Value:

Because of the complicated concept and gameplay, Multiples! may not get the exposure it deserves. That would be a shame as it is a swell game.

At a time when it seems that the majority of users just want to relax and kill their free time with quick-to-play iOS gaming apps, we hope you will give this one a try.

multiples-qrMultiples! requires iOS 7.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. A small expedited fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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