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Reviewed by MC

Reviewed by MC

Shade Combo is a fun game that brings a unique twist to traditional color-matching games. Offered for free through the iTunes Store, this app challenges your problem-solving skills.


Shade Combo’s name really lends an accurate description of the app’s concept of gameplay. Specifically, the challenge of this game by Yusuf Turk is to pair up game pieces of the same shade.

Once paired, the shade of the combined game piece becomes a new shade, and this new shade must be paired with another matching shade. Because of this, the game boards in Shade Combo are always evolving, leaving players with the challenge of creating new matching shades within the board that allow for more matches to be made. Combinations of the darkest shades removes them from the playing board.

Games can be played in a timed or an untimed mode, and scoring certain combinations rewards players with “powerups” as well. I found Shade Combo to be a refreshing alternative to other color/shape matching games. It’s easy to understand yet challenging enough to keep you entertained.  

Appearance and Layout:

Shade Combo iPhone App Review

Shade Combo iPhone App Review

The appearance of this app is very simplistic and this lends charm to the game. Since determining accurate shade matchings is the main idea of the app, you don’t waste any time figuring out differences between the different playing piece shapes at all.

Still, the details put into these little pieces is also arguably impressive; I found the levels with ducks and squirrels to be particularly well done. In-app scores are always clearly displayed at the top of your screen, and getting around the app’s layout is no challenge at all.


As mentioned previously, Shade Combo is a free app. In-app ads are scattered throughout, but I did not feel like these ads popped up too frequently; ads do not detract from the appeal of the gameplay.

Getting the idea of how to play Shade Combo takes no time at all, but mastering a strategy to actually get high scores within the app takes more time. Overall, this game is an excellent addition to the app collection of anyone who loves a good, puzzling, ever-changing challenge.

shadeqrShade Combo requires iOS 8.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. A small expedited fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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