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Mercactivate opens up the world of street vendors to tourists and local citizens as well.

Designed to make the goods of nearby markets more readily researchable, this app brings local businesses into the spotlight.


Mercactivate, an app by Armando Perez Acosta, is an app seeking to bridge the marketing gap between local markets and smartphone-using, potential customers.

Specifically, users of Mercactivate can use the app to help them locate nearby street vendors and other small local markets. Information regarding the goods sold at these markets can be found through the app, and selecting specific items that they would like to purchase is even an option at some stores.

Items can be booked through the app, and customers are then informed when they are available for pick-up for actual purchasing. The app can use your iOS GPS system to locate nearby vendors, or a manually directed search for vendors in another area can also be done.

However, it should be mentioned that Mercactivate currently is only featuring very regionally-specific markets right now. To be more exact, this app is currently only featuring Spanish as the in-app language, so English-speaking (or other) users probably won’t be able to appreciate the app’s features fully.

Appearance and Layout:

Mercactivate iPhone App Review

Mercactivate iPhone App

This is a simply designed app. Clear navigational labels make it easy to find your way around. The in-app color scheme is impressively clean cut as well.

Mercactivate’s designers did a good job of creating an app that is colorful, but not overwhelmingly bright.

Features are logically organized, making it easy to find your favorite markets or to discover new ones in an area as well.

Overall, while Mercactivate doesn’t have graphics that are anything to write home about, the app still does have a cleanly designed layout with a pleasant color scheme that makes it very aesthetically pleasing.


As mentioned previously, Mercactivate is only currently available in Spanish. Because of this, anyone who is not fluent in Spanish really won’t be able to utilize this app’s features. Additionally, this language limitation really limits the areas where it can be used as well.

Still, for those who are of the target demographic for Mercactivate, this free app is a well created concept. It’s logically designed and easy to use, and if local markets truly do connect through it, Mercactivate could potentially grow their customer base.

download (5)Mercactivate requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

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