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Reviewed by MC

Reviewed by MC

MultiDrop is a terrific app designed to make sharing content with multiple people easier than ever before.

Offered for free through the iTunes Store, MultiDrop makes sharing files possible through wifi or bluetooth connections.


MultiDrop’s name strongly hints at its features. Specifically, this app  by Zois Avgerinos allows you to send files (including videos) to anyone within your connected vicinity. Text files and photos can also easily be sent, and MultiDrop even has a voice recording system similar to Voxxer that makes sending audio messages quick and easy as well.

Up to 10 different devices can be connected at a time, making MultiDrop optimal for easy group collaboration needs.

In addition to using wifi or local bluetooth connections to allow you to communicate locally with friends and coworkers, MultiDrop also offers the option to send messages through your email or social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter).

While I was impressed with the range of options that MultiDrop offers its users, I was less than impressed with the app’s connectivity speed. Specifically, I felt that it took longer than optimal to locate and connect to a friend’s device, despite our close proximity to each other.

Appearance and Layout:

MultiDrop iPhone App Review

MultiDrop iPhone App Review

Whereas the functionality of MultiDrop is great, the actual graphics of this app seemed a bit dark and dated. Still, the layout of MultiDrop was a good example of how to compress many features of an app into a relatively compact screen layout.

Additionally, I found that getting around MultiDrop was relatively easy as well; while not all of the in-app navigation is entirely intuitive, spending a few minutes to familiarize myself with the layout of the app was all I really needed. As a whole, the appearance of this app is definitely acceptable, even though it’s arguably not very impressive.


MultiDrop is a free app but there is an in-app purchase for around a dollar that allows users to more fully enjoy all that this app has to offer. I felt that the free version worked adequately well for its stated purpose.

This is an app where its functions trump its appearance; it gets the job done, even though it might not be the most visually appealing. While I felt that it took longer than ideal to locate connections nearby, once these connections were established I found the app fully functional.

download (1)MultiDrop requires iOS 8.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. A small expedited fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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