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CrazyLex–Watch for Fun, Win for Real gives users opportunities to win cool prizes. With a video-watching method of earning in-app “bidding money” this app in a unique take on earning prize items.


As stated, this is an app that helps users do just what its name suggests. That is, CrazyLex, an app by Crazy Solutions LLC, is designed to give users the opportunity to win prizes just for watching videos.

Specifically, users within the app create accounts and then are directed to watching different advertisement videos. Most of these videos are under a minute long, and the “points” you accumulate through watching these videos can be used in your weekly “betting.”

Betting is done on actual real-life items, many of them technology oriented (cameras, video games, fitness bands, etc.). If you end up being the closest bet to the prize’s number, you actually get to win that prize.

However, even though it’s exciting to get to earn real life prizes for “free,” the number of videos you would need to watch in order to place reasonable “bets” on prizes is pretty high if you don’t take advantage of other ways to gain points.

If you invite your friends to join then you start earning “multilevel” points. This is where you earn a percentage of the points that your friends earn.

In addition to watching videos and earning from referrals, there are also tournaments. These give you the opportunity to win further prizes without guessing any secret number but only climbing the charts by watching videos (and also count the videos seen by referrals for added credit).

So, if you’re willing to take advantage of all the ways the app lets you gain points, including getting your friends involved to earn multilevel points and playing tournaments, you may benefit quite a bit from what this app. Otherwise CrazyLex is going to appeal mostly to users who have lots of free time on their hands to watch videos.

Appearance and Layout:

CrazyLex iPhone App

CrazyLex is a relatively cleanly designed app. It’s easy to navigate, both through the videos and to the prizes pages. Keeping track of your bets is also easily done, as all numbers are clearly displayed.

Since video-watching makes up the bulk of this app, minimal work seems to have been done in curating the actual in-app graphical scheme; however, this minimalistic approach fits fine with the purpose of the app.

Overall, the easy-to-use layout is probably one of the most refreshing features of CrazyLex. CrazyLex is currently available in both English and Italian.


CrazyLex is a free app that is slated to help you win actual real life prizes. Because of this, the value of the app is pretty good to some users.

There is an effort involved in winning prizes so don’t expect something for nothing. However, if you’re willing to watch videos and refer friends, and you have a bit of luck to be the closest bet, this app can be quite rewarding.

While this high number of videos is understandable given the quality of the prizes offered, time will tell if it’s the effort is reasonable enough to achieve a large user base. Hopefully the developers will be tracking how the app is used and will tweek it as needed to make this app a huge success.

As a whole, CrazyLex is a fun idea for its target audience of people who have the time to watch lots of videos.

Editor’s Note: for a limited time the developers are offering users ways to earn 50 additional points.
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3) Send them by private message on Facebook the email you used to register in the app

downloadCrazyLex requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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  1. Mike says:

    Awesome! I’m playing hard, i’m trying to win the Playstation 4 in the tournament!

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