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Reviewed by MC

Reviewed by MC

Center Swipe is a marvelous game that challenges your fast-thinking skills.

Free through the iTunes Store, Center Swipe by NRC Systems is a simple and addictive game.


In a world where “swiping right/left” has become the norm of actions within apps, Center Swipe gives your swiping skills a fun challenge.

The concept behind this game is far from complicated; correctly align the holes in the falling platforms with the pillars within the app. As with many “falling item” games, Center Swipe is a speed-based app; it challenges you to quickly make decisions and to coordinate your finger-swipe motions accordingly.

An in-app leaderboard scoreboard lets you know your rank among other players. In-app ads do pop up from time to time, and an in-app purchase to remove these ads is an option if you so desire.

Overall, I found Center Swipe to be a charming little game. Swiping is really easy (the pillar is centered), and the speed of the game is appropriately challenging.

Appearance and Layout:

Center Swipe iPhone App Review

Center Swipe iPhone App Review

“Simple” would probably be the best way to describe the appearance of Center Swipe. The graphics are very basic, with a relatively limited color scheme as well.

Easily readable instructions inform first time users how to play. A clean, basic layout for your home screen is very easy to navigate, with relatively few on-screen options displayed at any one time.

Scores are displayed clearly while you’re playing a round, making it easy to figure out how well you’re doing in comparison to a previous game. As a whole, while Center Swipe might not have the most impressive graphics on the market today, their simplicity is definitely suitable for its simple gaming concept.


Center Swipe, like many iOS games, is a free app. The concept of gameplay is not entirely unique; quickly aligning correct pieces within a falling-item app is a fairly popular gaming concept.

However, Center Swipe’s take on this well known concept is arguably a fresh one, and the general ease of playing this game is appealing as well.

Center Swipe is a fun little game that’s easy to learn but also challenging enough to keep players entertained.

It may not be an app that you’ll want to keep around forever, but its “free” price tag makes it worth downloading to try for awhile.

download (2)Center Swipe  requires iOS 8.3 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. A small expedited fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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