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Thanksgiving Dinner Maker – Free
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Thanksgiving Dinner Maker Free iPhone Game

Thanksgiving Dinner Maker Free iPhone Game

Thanksgiving Dinner Maker Free is a fun game for anyone interested in laying out the perfect dinner table with a full course meal.

This free app, from Sunstorm Interactive, lets you create different dinner combinations and displays them on your iPhone.


If you’re at all familiar with a full course meal and how it looks on a dinner table then you’re fast on your way to knowing how to play this game. You select a tablecloth, plate design, type of silverware, napkin pattern, main course and so on until you have a complete set up.

Unfortunately some of the items kind of stack up on top of each other as you pick them making the outcome look a bit haphazard so some improvement here would definitely help.

In the free version, while there are no ads, which is a plus, there are few options to play with. So “butter” is the only flavoring you can add to the turkey leg you selected for your main course. Once selected a pat of butter goes on the turkey leg, and when you select a salad for a side dish and a cookie for dessert, they get added to the mix.

Thanksgiving Dinner Maker Free iPhone Game

Thanksgiving Dinner Maker Free iPhone Game

Initially everything is in one big pile so you have to move things around to get just the layout you want. One nice touch is that certain items “know” where they belong. For example the pat of butter always goes on top of the turkey leg and plates always go underneath everything else.

Graphics and Layout

The images of the various items you select are pretty detailed but on the iPhone screen they’re also pretty small. It would be nice if you could pinch and zoom to change the size of things and get a better look at some of the detailed patterns and items.

The different selectable items are in a bar at the top of the screen that you can only move using a right or left arrow at the bottom. An improvement here would be to let players scroll the items along the top just by swiping the bar.

Finally the orientation is only portrait. Along with the previously mentioned pinch and zoom, it would be a plus if the table you’re setting could be in landscape mode to let you spread things out. Speaking of which, we think scaling this for the iPad screen would make the game much more satisfying.

Overall Value

Thanksgiving Dinner Maker Free is an interesting change of pace from most of the games we see on the App Store. It will definitely appeal to homemaker types and anyone who likes to play at setting the table.

We suspect if you find it interesting it would be well worth your while to opt for the Master Dinner Maker IAP for $2.99 which unlocks all the options.

thanksgiving-qrThanksgiving Dinner Maker Free requires iOS 3.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this article.

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