The Apple 3D Touch Function and Gaming: What You Need to Know

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Apple 3D Touch and Gaming
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The Apple TV might represent Apple’s foray into the home TV game space but, it is the 3D Touch feature on the iPhone 6S, which is a more sensitive version of Apple’s Force Touch, that is the biggest potential innovation in game design for the company.

Young Man with cell phone walking3D Touch brings touch sensitivity to the touchscreen of the iPhone. That is, the screen can tell exactly how hard you are pressing and uses that information to dictate what step it should take next. For instance, to see a preview of an email message, you would press lightly and to see the actual message, you would press a little harder. Plus, the 6S has vibration feedback to clue you in on the level of pressure that you are using.

This touch sensitive feature works great for gaming purposes as well. For instance, you can use it to play games on the Royal Vegas site. This online casino is powered by Microgaming software, which means that gamers are treated to great graphics, a huge selection of over 600 games (they include keno, poker, baccarat, roulette, slots, and blackjack), as well as unparalleled security. The operators of this site are always on the lookout for the latest technology and, as such, have already integrated the iPhone’s 3D Touch capability into many of its games.

To showcase its flexibility, the 3D Touch feature was used to show gamers how it could be used in the new iOS game, Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade. This action shooter is based on the classic role-playing game and it gives you control over an Imperial Knight, a giant machine capable of devastating destruction. When playing this game on your iPhone, simply touch the things on the screen that you want to shoot. Applying more pressure allows you zoom in for more accurate aiming and if you press even harder, you now have the option to swap to a different weapon – all without taking your finger off the screen. This is a huge step forward in the complexity of game-play, but it doesn’t impair usability one iota. Go figure!

Another great example is the new game underpressure_ where the force of your touch determines the shade of color in the game.

If you think about it, the 3D feature will allow you to do things you couldn’t do in the past with precision and control like you’ve never seen before. And, as you can see, this new control option has definite implications for gaming, especially for developers who are now tasked with creating new types of vibrant and interesting games for this operating system.

In other words, its introduction to the market will surely lead to breakthrough design innovation and to games that we didn’t know that we couldn’t live without.


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