Panic Pump Features Challenging 3D Puzzles, Custom Characters, and More


Panic Pump
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Panic Pump iPhone Puzzle Game

Panic Pump iPhone Puzzle Game

Digilie Studio recently updated their second app, Panic Pump. Their flagship game features challenging puzzles, an original soundtrack, and much more.

Released on September 3rd, Panic Pump immerses players in a rich and interactive 3D world full of interesting characters.

The goal of Panic Pump is to free the Bumbi from their indestructible hydroblock prisons. Hydroblocks can only be unlocked by completing tasks for each level.

Once a level is completed, players will receive a rating of one to three stars, similar to most other puzzle games on the App Store.

Panic Pump gives players control over aspects of the game such as graphics quality, resolution, and input. Players can also customize the look of the Bumbi by editing features such as gender, clothing, and accessories.

According to a review by Touch Reviews, “The game is currently available in demo version so we were able to access only the story mode. Each level has a time limit and you have to successfully open all locks before the time runs out and score three stars. The developers are working on the full version and promise release of the full version soon.”

Customize characters for a personalized experience

Customize characters for a personalized experience

Panic Pump was recently updated to version 1.10.15, which fixed a few bugs and added new features for players to enjoy. As mentioned above, it’s unclear when the game will officially exit the demo mode.

However, players will still be able to enjoy quite a bit of Panic Pump even though the game is limited on levels and worlds that are available to complete.

The full version of Panic Pump will include additional game modes besides story mode, which will greatly enhance the game and expand it for players who have completed other puzzles and levels.

Panic Pump is also available to download for Android devices via Google Play and has received glowing reviews, amassing over 600 5-star ratings and a plethora of upbeat reviews from users.

panic_pump_draft.jpgPanic Pump requires iOS 8.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this article.

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