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Reviewed by Marilyn Chau

Reviewed by Marilyn Chau

If you’re looking to get a new tattoo, you owe it to yourself to checkout InkAdvise.

This is a very interesting new app by Danilo Ferraiolo that will help you discover great artists in your area.

Available for free through the iTunes Store, this app provides easy search features for locating tattoo artists in any city.


As indicated by its catchy name, InkAdvise is an app designed to help consumers locate the best tattoo artists in a city, whether near themselves (via the “Near Me Now” function) or within another specific city  (through the generalized search function).

A map with pin-dropped locations shows users where each artist is located, and clicking on a pin brings up more specific information about that particular artist, including user-submitted reviews if there are any available.

User-submitted photos can also be viewed. However, while the idea behind InkAdvise works great in cities where the app’s popularity has caught on, it really has relatively little value in areas with few users.

For instance, in a town near me, while there was an impressive number of tattoo artist locations, there weren’t any reviews posted on InkAdvise for these shops, making it hard to tell the advantages of one location over another. The recommendation aspect of this app will certainly improve as this app catches on.

Appearance and Layout:

InkAdvise iPhone App Review

InkAdvise iPhone App

One of my favorite parts of InkAdvise was definitely its appearance. It’s a very clean with a minimalist design making it wonderfully simple to use.

Anyone familiar with map-based review apps will have no problem with transitioning to InkAdvise, as navigating through it is completely intuitively.

I appreciated the clean, white background as well, and found no delay when clicking on different tattoo artists in my “my area” map to find reviews.

Overall, the appearance of InkAdvise is exactly as you’d wish for in an app like this: clean, simple, and yet still pleasing to look at.


As mentioned previously, InkAdvise is a well designed app with a friendly, easy to use layout that will appeal to many consumers.

However, even though InkAdvise is created with talent, it seems to lack some of the appeal that other apps similar to it might have; for instance, finding nearby tattoo artists can be done through other apps that also allow you to search for other vendors and shops as well (not solely limited to tattoos).

The lack of a variety of results, such as coffee shops or bars, means that it relies on its users to only be interested in one thing, tattoos. Additionally, while this app offers lots of promise and it may be great for users in cities where it is more popular, it doesn’t offer much value yet in areas where there are few, if any, reviews.

download (5)InkAdvise requires iOS 8.4 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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