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Invasion Defender
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Oct 22, 2015 – Melbourne, Australia Adilson Dias has released Invasion Defender, the latest and greatest Tower Defense game to hit the iOS market. With an unusual twist and addictive gameplay, Invasion Defender stands way above others in the genre.

invasiondefender3Invasion Defender towers above other “tower defense” games because of its unique style where the player must protect mission objects using the available spaceships. Select your ship, add upgrades and deploy your ships to begin your mission to fight and protect Earth from an alien race roaming the galaxy conquering planets.

This game challenges players to not only conquer the planets that the aliens have taken, but also destroy the aliens’ home planet while protecting their own ship, called Destroyer, from attack.

As with any great game the actual gameplay itself is simple so gamers can focus on the task at hand, not the mechanics of the game. Just tap the spaceship to select it and place it on the playing field. Choose wisely, though, because once a ship is placed it cannot be moved.

An exciting mixed mode awaits players who want to experience a new style of tower defense that they haven’t seen before. In a classic tower defense game the player’s assets (turrets, spaceships, guns) only move sideways after they are place on a specific spot. By contrast Invasion Defender not only includes that style of play but also offers something new, no tower bases. In this mode your spaceships move around the playing field towards the aliens.

Invasion Defender makes you the Earth’s only hope against an alien invasion. You must protect your space station, your mothership (Destroyer) and protect other planets against invasions. How fast can you deploy your ships? Will you be the ultimate hero? Can you save the Earth against 15 Enemies ships? To do it you’ll have 12 Ships with 6 Different upgrades. There are 5 levels released now and more coming soon.

Invasion Defender is available for free to download from the Apple App Store for iPhones running iOS version 8.1 or greater.


About the Developer:
Adilson Dias brings 22 years of software development experience to his new game development efforts. His first try to develop a game has yielded Invasion Defender and more exciting games will follow. Adilson considers himself a hardcore gamer, even more than his sons.


Media Contact:
Adilson Dias
Melbourne,VIC – Australia


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