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Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Reviewed by Luke Patrick

Almost since its inception, email accounts have always come with a partnered spam account. You know the type. It’s the sort you give out when you need to be contacted, but you’re afraid that might also come with a thousand different, unwanted messages. It’s a life-saving mechanic, and one that we use every single day of our lives.

So what if the same concept could be applied to your phone number? Furthermore, what if you could use not one, but many multiple spam numbers, all without having to change your device or habits?

Thankfully, now this is all possible.

DialMask is a brilliant new app that ups your privacy and protects your phone number from unwanted exposure.

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Concept and Functionality:

As stated, DialMask, from DialMask Inc., really, really wants to save you some pain by providing you with an “opt-out” for messages you’d just rather not see.

How does it do this? Primarily, by routing your number first through another number of your own choosing. Each number costs about two bucks, and you’re able to request a string of numbers or an area code at will. The end result is a phone number that, by all indications, is legit.

When you give people this number, they’re free to call or text it just as they normally would. However, it doesn’t go straight to your phone’s messenger application or your dialer. Rather, it goes to DialMask first.

You can use the app to view messages, send texts, or answer calls. It’s almost identical to the native application, and the end result is quite fluid.

DialMask iPhone App

DialMask iPhone App

Plus, you get all the benefits we’ve been talking about. If you need to text or call some stranger from Craig’s List, or maybe have those trade show folks give you a ring without using your personal number, you can do that now!

Need to maintain a business number but don’t actually want a new phone? You can do that to.

All together, there are about a hundred unique uses for the service, and the ease with which everything works is a tremendous boon. It’s a solid concept, and one we can see ourselves using in the future.

Interface and Usability:

As we (kind of) mentioned earlier, the app is actually incredibly well-designed. It isn’t full of flashy parts, nor is it a particularly explosive interface: meaning this isn’t a Skype alternative, but it will absolutely get the job done.

The app primarily features a dialer that looks more or less like the native one. It has bright buttons, and does everything you’d expect it to. Likewise, the messaging app behaves and appears very nearly the same as the standard affair. Type messages, send them at will, and the app will charge it to your account in the background.

All in all, we had no problems creating a fake number and using it. And considering that’s the entire reason we’re here, it’s hard to knock DialMask for any portion of its design.

Overall Value:

Best of all, you can try DialMask completely for free, with no obligation! You’ll get $2.50 in free credits, which roughly equals a free phone number and quite a bit of texting.

It’s easily more than enough to use when you’ve got a Craig’s List trade going, or when you’re likely to talk to a new acquaintance you’re unsure about.

All in all, DialMask is a fantastic utility and one of our favorite things available in the iOS store. It has a very specific utility, and though you won’t need it all the time, you’ll love it when you do.

qrcode.31919027DialMask requires iOS 8.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone 5s or higher, iPad, and iPod Touch. A small expedite fee was paid by the developer to speed up the publication of this review.

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