Apple Watch: The Promising Play Ground for New Apple Developers


Ever since Apple Watch stormed into the smartwatch market it continues to take over the popularity of all other brands in this new tech niche. Thanks to an array of great features and fluid user experience coupled up with the iPhone, the new device has quickly become a promising ground for app developers worldwide.

Surprisingly, in spite the incredible popularity it has garnered, the enormous potential of its tiny screen remains largely undiscovered by many developers.

Besides discussing here some crucial aspects that make a great Apple Watch app, we would like to also discuss some handy features that can be incorporated into apps for a smarter and more enjoyable user experience.

To our surprise, we have come across a gamut of Apple Watch features that still remain unknown to many users and developers alike. When incorporated into Apple Watch apps, however, they can altogether make the user experience far richer.

Let us first begin with the few crucial things to remember while developing apple watch apps.

  1. Interface that requires least interaction   

Reportedly, the first version of this watch was discarded by legendary Apple founder Steve Jobs on the grounds that the device still needed more than three clicks to get simple things done. Yes, one of the prime objectives of Apple behind this superb wrist device was reducing interaction to a minimum level. Here below are some aspects to consider in this regard.

  • On a tiny device screen too much interaction will only result in bad user experience and even irritation on the part of users. On the other hand getting things done with the least interaction and commands is perceived as a smart and desirable attribute.
  • On a smartwatch people do not like to concentrate for long and prefer to do things with just a glance and a sweep. To facilitate such quicker and simple interaction typical binary action buttons can be more effective.
  1. The app must be designed for Apple Watch users

Apple watch is no longer just an extension of the iPhone belonging to the same brand. With the increasing capacity and state of the art feature set of the Apple Watch its apps can now have an independent flair unlike most other smartwatch apps. So developers should offer apps that bear an independent character on the Apple Watch irrespective of their main apps in the bigger Apple devices. Replicating the same Apple apps for various devices is the biggest mistake on the part of developers.

  • Most smartwatch apps today have their life in close collaboration with their respective mobile apps. In many cases the apps presented on other Apple devices perform far better than their Apple Watch versions. This happens because separate development and design focus for the tiny device screens has not been given.
  • From notifications to navigation among pages, the apps should be separately designed for the screen size and other constraints of the device in mind.
  1. Design is crucial for that small screen

Lastly, Apple Watch, unlike iPhone and iPad, offers a tiny screen and watching and working with the apps on that tiny screen requires prominent viewing and a few considerations on look & feel. So, for achieving better interaction with your Apple Watch app, design plays a crucial role.

  • First of all, make sure that the color scheme offers a perfect contrast in the black background of the watch screen.
  • Secondly, make sure the layout, graphic elements and color makes a perfect balance and does not create visual clutter. A clean easily recognizable button and content layout will make better user experience.
  • Finally, do not forget that complementing the Apple Watch app with a great iPhone app is also a big requirement to boost the growth and discoverability. Until now, smartwatch apps including the Apple Watch apps could not be fully stand alone and so in design and feature set they should strike a common thread between them.

Apple Watch features that provide a more satisfying experience

While developing apps for this ahead of time smartwatch platform, developers should keep certain features in mind. By incorporating a few Apple Watch features in your upcoming app you will greatly improve it for the users. Apple Watch comes loaded with certain features that make it a smarter device for communicating on the go. Voice command is one such great feature that will let you command the watch without requiring any touch. You can just stream music right from your watch to the speakers and lastly, the watch offers an array of customizing options including the Force Touch to open the list of actionable options to selecting your preferred glances on the watch screen.

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