The 7 Best Music Apps for iPhone: A Million Ways to Get Your Groove On

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The 7 Best Music Apps for iPhone
Written by Luke Patrick

What if we told you (yes, you) don’t have to wait any longer to start producing jaw-dropping, incredible music?

Better still, you can do it right now without needing a lot of complicated tools or knowledge?

What if we said you could do all of this Grammy-nominated action right from your iPhone, and without even leaving the coffee shop?

It sounds pretty fantastic, does it not?

Don’t believe us? Then peep these Top 7 Best Music Apps for iPhone! To get all the details and more, just scroll on down below the break.


spotify1a. Spotify (iPhone, iPad, Free) – Don’t give us that look! If you’re going to be making music on your iOS device, you’re going to want to hear some of it first.

At least, we sincerely hope you’re looking for influences! Otherwise, you’ll likely end up the laughing stock of BandCamp.

SoundCloud - Music & Audio

SoundCloud – Music & Audio

But no matter what, Spotify offers a free, easy-to-use option that enables the user to listen to just about anything that’s ever been made ever.

To us, that is very much a useful part of the music-making process.


soundcloud1b. SoundCloud (iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Free) –  Likewise, if you’re going to be making music you’ll probably want a convenient way to post it as well.

This is made a whole lot easier using SoundCloud.

It’s been the gold-standard in track sharing and social musical interaction since day one.


propellerhead2. Take Creative Vocal Recorder (iPhone, Free) – Representing one of a couple entries by famed music company Propellerhead, Take is a phenomenal way to turn your iPhone into a glorified four-track recorder.

It offers a couple of different tracks to layer down sound with, be that vocals, guitars, or other such instruments.

Not only that, but several handy filters are included, some specific to those sounds.

In this way, you can bang, whack and wail your way to a complete demo in a matter of only minutes. How cool is that?


djay3. djay 2 for iPhone (iPhone, Apple Watch, $2.99) – I have spent so much more time with this application than I’d probably be willing to admit.

djay 2 for iPhone

djay 2 for iPhone

The app is incredibly easy to use, though getting the hang of deejaying in a virtual environment will likely take you as much time as it would in real life.

Still, this free edition of the incredible, pro-level dj mixer will have you remixing, scratching, looping and burning your way to success.

We really can’t stress enough how fun this title is. Just grab any two songs off your phone, and then have at.

As a fair warning, however, a remix of the Brady Bunch theme song and “Don’t Stop Believing” will not be a hit.


starmaker4. StarMaker: Sing + Video + Auto-Tune (iPhone, iPad, Free) – Want to give your voice that T-Pain effect? Want to do it without resorting to expensive equipment or complicated ProTools setups?

Then step on up, cowboy, because StarMaker has got you covered!

This delightful entry allows you to record yourself singing any number of highly popular songs, and then tune it up to your heart’s content.

Not only that, but you can then ensure the whole world sees you!

It’s a quick, rapid-fire kind of celebrity that might just lead to a record deal. (Disclaimer: It probably won’t, but then again, you never do know!”


garageband5. GarageBand (iPhone, iPad, $4.99) – A lot like djay, I don’t entirely want to disclose how much time I have spent here.



GarageBand is the original music making powerhouse for iOS. It comes with a trunkload of near-authentic musical instruments for you to bang on, as well as a set of strict but useful equalization tools.

Not to mention the handily easy-to-use track editor, or the effects wheel.

And considering the price tag has dropped to a downright silly $5, there’s little to no excuse for not having GarageBand on your iPhone or iPad.

If you intend to make music on iOS, this is a must have.


musicmaker6. Music Maker Jam (iPhone, iPad, Free) – Now it’s time to start bringing it on home with some apps designed to up your music-making game to the producer level!

The first in this category is Music Maker Jam, which a lot like edjing, attempts to make complicated music production a snap on your iOS device.

It enables users to pick from a variety of genres, and then make detailed, equalized music without much effort.

You can add your own voice, adjust rhythms and sounds, and produce a final mix to be proud of. In a lot of ways, it’s the GarageBand for iPhone you’ve always wanted.


flstudio7. FL Studio Mobile (iPhone, $14.99) – Lastly, but certainly not least, we have this behemoth music editor.

FL Studio Mobile

FL Studio Mobile

It brings the whole thing home for us, allowing users an insanely detailed look at the realm of audio engineering.

You can adjust tones, shift pitches, add beats, arrange tracks, and generally do just about anything else you’d expect from a full-service music-editing suite.

Its desktop counterparts are fairly accurately depicted here, creating an environment that’s lushly designed, feature-packed, and ready for any budding Moby to have a crack at.

There’s a free demo version for anyone to try, though the full whammy is easily a steal at $20.

If you’re deadly serious about making music on the iPhone platform, there is no better avenue to explore than this one right there.


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