Top 10 New iOS Games from June 2015

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Top 10 New iOS Games from June 2015
Written by Sarah Hanlon

Whether you’re new to the iPhone and iPad gaming scene or you’re simply looking for something new to try, our list of the top 10 iPhone and iPad games from June features 10 brand-new titles that have recently debuted on the App Store.

These games are not only high-quality, but the list is perfect for casual and hard-core players alike. From casual puzzle games to immersive RPG titles and even an incredible spinoff of a popular PC franchise, this list features games for everyone.

I truly hope you enjoy playing these games as much as we do!

Fallout Shelter for iOS

Fallout Shelter for iOS

falloutFallout Shelter (Bethesda – iPhone, iPad, Free) – The first game in our list, Fallout Shelter, brings the incredible world of the Fallout franchise to iPhone and iPad.

Quite possibly on track to be named one of the best games of the year,

Fallout Shelter is a strategy game that immerses players in an underground bunker that must sustain itself and defend itself.

This is a fantastic game for anyone who likes to build civilizations from the ground up in order to create a complex and highly functional network.


alphabearAlphabear: Word Puzzle Game (Spry Fox, LLC – iPhone, iPad, Free) – Perfect for both kids and adults, Alphabear: Word Puzzle Game requires players to spell words in order to make bears appear on the screen.

The more words you spell, the bigger your bear will become and the more points you can earn.

If you do very well, you can even keep bears that you earn so you can use them and their power ups in future games.

Like many other games that we featured on this list, this particular one is fairly easy to learn but very difficult to master.


Dragon Quest VI for iOS

Dragon Quest VI for iOS

dragonDragon Quest VI (Square Enix – iPhone, iPad, $14.99) – Dragon Quest VI is a brand-new game by Square Enix that takes adventurers on an epic quest through a beautiful and highly interactive world.

Players must work together with NPC characters they meet along their journey in order to successfully embark on adventures.

The game also features plenty of extra goodies, such as an in-game casino and fun mini games. The price is a bit high but players who enjoy the franchise and/or are looking for tons of great content will find that Dragon Quest VI is worth every penny.


swaggySwaggy Ninja (iCustomized – iPhone, iPad, Free) – Swaggy Ninja is a one-touch vertical platformer for iOS that features simple graphics and even simpler gameplay.

In order to play, tap the screen to make your ninja jump. Your goal is to avoid obstacles like spears, ninja stars, and other assorted undesirables.

The higher you reach, the higher your score will be.

The really nice part about Swaggy Ninja is the fact that this is a game you can learn to play in only a minute or two, but you won’t be able to put it down because you’ll constantly be trying to be your previous score.


Hue Ball for iOS

Hue Ball for iOS

hueballHue Ball (Unept – iPhone, iPad, Free) – Hue Ball is a relaxing new iOS game that’s similar to games like bubble shooters.

This is the perfect game for unwinding after a long day because it features slow gameplay is slightly difficult basically it’s enough to keep you on your toes without making you pull your hair out because the game is too difficult.

Hue Ball also features great background music that really adds to the overall experience of the game.

Plus, the game is universally compatible with iPhone and iPad.


talesTales From Deep Space (Amazon Game Studios – iPhone, iPad, $3.99) – Even though it’s aimed towards younger players, Tales From Deep Space is a fun and addicting iOS puzzle game that’s perfect for all ages.

It takes you through a unique two-dimensional world where you encounter colorful characters and play through plenty of challenging puzzles.

The game not only features single player gameplay, but two players on the same network can link up and play together on their own devices.

The price is a little high for this game, as well, but you don’t have to worry about in-app purchases and the game itself is universally compatible with iPhone and iPad.


shootingShooting Stars! (Noodlecake Studios Inc – iPhone, iPad, $2.99) – Want laser kitties? Freedom sheep? Ever dream of saving the world in a blaze of glory?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Shooting Stars! is the game for you.

This fast-paced shoot ’em up arcade game equips players with up to 50 destructive weapons in order to take out 20+ “celebrity” bosses like Justin Belieber.

You’ll have a hard time watching your iPhone or iPad because you’ll be laughing too hard to play.

If you like random humor and stuff that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, you need to try this game.


Escape for iOS

Escape for iOS

escapeEscape (Ketchapp – iPhone, iPad, Free) – Another great title by a fantastic developer, Escape is a free iOS game that lives up to everything we’ve come to expect from Ketchapp.

Players must guide their ship around a series of obstacles while trying to rescue humans from a world that’s collapsing around them.

One of the things I like the most about Escape is the graphics and the fact that there are two different game modes – adventure and a daily challenge.

Overall, this is definitely a game that offers hours of gameplay.


piloteerPiloteer (Fixpoint Productions Ltd – iPhone, iPad, $2.99) – If you’re looking for a challenging, yet beautiful game to play, look no further than Piloteer.

Piloteer for iOS

Piloteer for iOS

This physics-based game requires players to help their jetpack pilot navigate through a series of levels and obstacles in order to demonstrate the functionality and practicality of his incredible device.

Not only is the game addicting and fun to play, but hand-drawn artwork and beautiful landscapes make it a real treat for the eye.

This is the perfect game for anyone who wants to relax with a game that’s both fun to play and great to look at.


soulSoul Hunters (Lilith Games – iPhone, iPad, Free) – The final game on our list of the 10 best new iOS games from June features a unique blend of real-time strategy and role-playing elements.

Soul Hunters requires players to think strategically in order to battle their way through this incredibly unique and innovative games.

Whether you decide to play solo, join up with friends, or face off with other players around the world in PVP, this awesome new game offers tons of content for a price that you can’t beat.


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