6 Apps for Turning your iPhone into a Virtual Newspaper

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6 Apps for Turning your iPhone into a Virtual Newspaper
Written by Macy Jones

News publishers very well understand today that smart phones are part of our everyday lives.

People hardly have time to read newspapers now, and they depend more on smart devices like the iPhone to catch up with what’s happening around the world.

Mobile-first is the order of the day along with syncing with the social media.

Conventional newspapers might have lost their edge, but news definitely has not.

Here are 6 top iPhone apps which will turn your iPhone into a virtual newspaper, which you can carry in your pocket and connect with the world on the go.

Whether you plan to catch up on what’s happening at the beach or on the train to work, you’ll be all set with any of these popular news apps.


  briefmeBriefMe (iPhone, Apple Watch – Free)

As the name of the app rightly suggests, BriefMe takes a brief approach at news.

It displays a brief headline of the most trending news across different news channels, which are divided into categories international news, sports, politics, entertainment  etc.

A user just has to tap on the desired headline to read the entire news.

It is a nice way to filter out the desired news. It also has a streaming feature which provides a photo alongside the news headline.


flipboardFlipboard (iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch – Free)

Flipboard has marked its consistent presence at the app store, and there are strong reasons for it.

It is more like a personalized magazine which gathers user relevant news from social circles of user interest and presents it in a simple to use interface.

A user selects the news sources they’re interested in and once that’s done can flip through articles just like a magazine and share the liked ones on social media. A nice extra touch is the “Twitter” section where you’ll see tweets from those you follow.


breakingnewsBreaking News (iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch – Free)

The evolution of Breaking News began as a Twitter account which used web as a source of important news and information.

It has now evolved into a fully functional app which tracks and posts all news from the Breaking News Twitter account with updates and a map which points the location of action.

In the 21st Century many news stories break first on social media and this app is on it. Human editors comb social media for important news items and bring it to you before traditional media outlets. You can even watch live streaming video from breaking news locations.

A tab called “Woah” takes the user to the most interesting news that is happening around.


timelineTimeline (iPhone – Free)

Timeline takes a different approach on news.

Instead of displaying the just latest headlines, it provides additional insight into the event by displaying a timeline associated with the topic showing you exactly how the story has developed.

This is a distinctly different approach and one that really takes advantage of mobile/online capabilities creating an immersive experience that’s hard to beat.

All events of the past of the story are displayed in the form of a timeline.

This way it provides a deeper understanding of the story and how it unfolded.


yahoonewsYahoo! News Digest (iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch – Free)

Yahoo gathers important headlines of the day into two digests, that are delivered twice each day; the morning and the evening edition.

The order of the headlines is based on its importance. The concept seems pretty basic and concise. Plus with the US edition you also get atomized nuggets on a wide range of topics.

Color coding and icons are used to highlight various news categories. Icons indicate the presence of photos, videos, statistics, citations etc.

Each article has a separate well laid out page, instead of just a link.


news360News360 (iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch – Free)

News360 is the latest addition to iPhone news apps.

It is available for the iPhone, iPad, MAC and also the Apple watch.

All a user has to do is to select his interests and the app will create news feeds based on those interests generating what is, in essence, a personalized news feed.

You can dig deep into the topic or just browse through the headlines. Drawing from over 100,000 sources, this news app comes highly recommended by industry insiders.


Author Bio:
Macy Jones is a Melbourne based App developer who knows innovative methods of creating iOS apps to cater to all kinds of users. Her other interests lie in reading and writing blog posts. Connect with her via Facebook or Twitter.


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