10 Best Apps for Cutting the Cord

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Top 10 iOS Apps for Cutting the Cord
Written by Sarah Hanlon

Television is a great source of entertainment, but I think we can all agree that it’s pretty darn expensive. This is especially true if you subscribe to massive programming packages.

If you’ve ever thought of “cutting the cord”, you’re certainly not alone. Research shows that people are gradually moving away from traditional TV services like cable and satellite. Many of these cord cutters migrate to services like Netflix and Hulu for their entertainment needs.

Whether you’re thinking about joining the growing movement of cord cutters or you simply want additional ways to watch TV and movies on the go, this list of 10 apps for cutting the cord will definitely give you options.


Plex for iOS

Plex for iOS

plexPlex (Plex Inc. – iPhone, iPad – $4.99) – My personal favorite, Plex is an incredible home entertainment manager. In order to take advantage of everything Plex offers you have to install it on your computer.

The iOS app lets you browse your library and control everything over your local WiFi network, even watch videos and listen to music on your device as well as your TV via Chromecast.

The price is a little steep, but if you have a serious media collection it’s worth every single penny. There’s also a feature called Plex Pass that lets you access your media from anywhere.



Netflix (Netflix, Inc. – iPhone, iPad – Free, Monthly Subscription) – No list of cord cutting apps would be complete without a tip of the hat to Netflix.

This streaming giant features tens of thousands of movies and TV shows for a little as $8 per month, making it a very viable alternative to expensive cable and satellite TV.

Similar to Plex, Netflix lets you easily play streaming videos on your TV. If you don’t have an expansive media collection (or you don’t want to worry about building one), Netflix is a must-have service.


Hulu Plus for iOS

Hulu Plus for iOS

huluHulu Plus (Hulu, LLC – iPhone, iPad – Free, Monthly Subscription Optional) – Many cord cutters think of Hulu Plus and Netflix as being direct competitors with the same content, but Hulu Plus is geared more towards TV shows.

While Netflix only shows TV shows when the next season begins, Hulu Plus makes them available usually within a day of airing on TV.

Unlike Netflix, Hulu does offer a free way to watch content. However, you must have a paid subscription ($7.99 per month) in order to watch content on your iPhone or your iPad.

If you’re looking for a handy comparison of Hulu Plus and Netflix, check out this page on Diffen.com.


hbonowHBO NOW (HBO – iPhone, iPad – Free, Monthly Subscription) – The incredibly popular television network made its streaming debut earlier this year, giving users unprecedented access to everything the network offers without requiring a subscription via television provider.

The app itself is free to download, but you’ll have to pay $15 per month, which is still much cheaper than cable or satellite, especially if you’re a fan of the popular shows HBO offers.


Crackle for iOS

Crackle for iOS

crackleCrackle – Movies & TV (Sony Pictures Television – iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch – Free) – From original programming to classic movies and TV shows, Crackle is perfect for users who aren’t incredibly picky about what they want to watch.

You can even create watch lists to keep track of movies and shows you’d like to see.

The best part about Crackle is the fact that it’s 100% free to watch with no strings attached. Essentially it’s like having TV in your hand without paying for service.

The app is supported by ads, but they’re not annoying and it’s a small inconvenience for being able to access such a large and vast database of movies and TV shows for free.


crunchyrollCrunchyroll – Watch Anime & Drama Now! (Crunchyroll, Inc. – iPhone, iPad – Free) – If you’re an Anime fan, you’ve definitely heard of Crunchyroll.

Crunchyroll for iOS

Crunchyroll for iOS

This awesome streaming service brings the latest and greatest episodes to you at no cost.

The Crunchyroll app recently added Chromecast support, making it a very viable way to watch Anime on your TV. Users can watch everything for free with ads and there’s an option for a premium subscription ($6.99 monthly) which disables ads.

Premium users can also watch new content as soon as it’s available.


pbsPBS Video (PBS – iPhone, iPad – Free) – This great PBS app brings you pretty much everything the network offers, right on your iPhone and iPad.

From full-length videos to shows and even news segments, the app is perfect for fans of the network.

You can even connect with your local PBS station, as well as check upcoming shows via the in-app program lineup.

Overall, this is a must-have entertainment app for kids and adults alike.


espnWatchESPN (ESPN – iPhone, iPad – Free) – It might seem silly to include an app that relies on a television subscription for access, but keep in mind that many companies allow you to subscribe to an internet plan without paying for TV.

POPSUGAR wrote a fantastic article in June on how to get access to HBO Go without paying for cable, while we can’t vouch for it, it sounds legit and the guide definitely applies to other apps that require a cable provider.


frequencyFrequency ~ Watch Videos like TV (Frequency – iPhone, iPad – Free) – If you’re interested in topics such as news, sports, and entertainment, Frequency might be what you’re looking for.

Pluto TV for iOS

Pluto TV for iOS

The app features a huge variety of channels on pretty much every topic you can think of.

Everything is delivered by video, so it’s pretty close to watching TV on your iPhone or iPad.


plutoPluto TV: TV for the Internet (Pluto.tv – iPhone, iPad – Free) – The final app on our list is similar to Frequency but instead of organizing videos by source, the app uses custom channels just like regular television.

The best part about the app is that it feels like television in your hand, which makes it perfect for beginner cord cutters or those who are afraid of losing the familiarity of television and features like channel lineups and program guides.


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