Top 10 New iOS Games from April 2015

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Top 10 New iOS Games from April 2015
Written by Sarah Hanlon

Last Voyage for iOS

Last Voyage for iOS

April came and went, but the month brought with it a slew of awesome new iPhone and iPad games for gamers to enjoy. Many of the games featured in our list are paid downloads, but we found they’re worth every penny.

Whether you’re looking for a fun and immersive RPG or a challenging puzzle game, this list of the top 10 new iPhone and iPad games from April 2015 will help you find many new games to check out.

Gunpowder (Rogue Rocket Games – $4.99) – Featuring 150 mind-bending puzzles, Gunpowder takes players on a crazy adventure through the Wild West.

It’s up to you to defeat enemies and crack each puzzle’s safe in order to return the gold to the people of the town.

Last Voyage (Semidome Inc. – $0.99) – Last Voyage encourages us to search beyond the obvious.  This brand-new game for iPhone and iPad takes players on a surreal journey.

Featuring puzzles to solve and incredible graphics, this is one game that will blow your mind.

Bouncy Bits (PlaySide – Free) – Though it’s frustrating as heck to play, Bouncy Bits has gained quite a following since its debut on the App Store.

A nicer looking version of Flappy Bird, Bouncy Bits requires players to navigate over obstacles in order to achieve the highest score possible. The game features unlockable characters, as well.

Attack the Light for iOS

Attack the Light for iOS

Attack the Light (Cartoon Network – $2.99) – Get ready to go on a magical adventure in Attack the Light. Assemble a team of characters from the Steven Universe show.

Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst, and Steven have set out to battle enemies and collect loot in one of the best RPG games of the year.

MORTAL KOMBAT X (Warner Bros. – Free) – This amazing classic is now available in a new game for iOS. Featuring awesome graphics and everything you’ve come to expect from the Mortal Kombat franchise.

Players can even unlock exclusive rewards for the console version of Mortal Kombat X just by playing the iOS version.

Tetrobot and Co. (Swing Swing Submarine – $2.99) – Tetrobot and Co. is a fun and challenging puzzle game. Developed by a team of puzzle lovers, Tetrobot and Co. is meant for players who are looking for a way to test their puzzle solving skills.

Guide the microscopic Psychobot inside Tetrobot’s gears and circuits: by absorbing blocks of matter and throwing them around, you can fix everything!

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft for iOS

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft for iOS

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft (Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. – Free) – Though Hearthstone technically isn’t “new”, it was recently made a universal app so players can enjoy the game on their iPhone as well as their iPad.

Hearthstone is a riveting card game that’s similar to Magic The Gathering and others. It’s a must-have game for those who enjoy a challenge.

Devious Dungeon 2 (Ravenous Games Inc. – $0.99) – Another great new RPG platformer game, Devious Dungeon 2 is a medieval-themed title that’s loaded with awesome content for players to enjoy.

Featuring character upgrades, randomized playing maps, a nice variety of player classes, and iCloud progress syncing, this is definitely a new game that’s worth checking out.

Kayos (Jonathan Lanis – $1.99) – Created by the developer of Boost 2, Kayos definitely isn’t for the faint of heart. This addicting and challenging futuristic game.

Kayos for iOS

Kayos for iOS

Controls are simple, but this is definitely a game that’s hard to master. If you’re looking for a challenge, Kayos is a game you can’t pass up.

Sorcery! 3 (inkle – $4.99) – If you’re a fan of open-ended worlds and endless possibilities, Sorcery! 3 is exactly what you’re looking for. In this game, every choice you make influences your character’s future.

The amount of content rivals PC and console games, so don’t be afraid of the high price tag.


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