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PathSource: Career and Job Search
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Reviewed by Marilyn Chau

Reviewed by Marilyn Chau

Created by a developer of the same name, PathSource: Career and Job Search is a well-designed and easy-to-use app that helps you determine your ideal career path.

Available for free through the iTunes Store, PathSource is a great app for anyone looking to figure out a “game plan” for his or her life.


As indicated by its name, PathSource is an app designed to help users figure out what career path would be best suited for them.

It does this by providing users with a number of different assessment they can take to help them nail down their best fit. For example, users are encouraged to take a “lifestyle assessment” quiz to help them determine what salary they would need make in order to support their desired lifestyle, as well as a “career assessment” to help them figure out how to best combine their skills with their interests.

However, unlike many other similarly-themed services, PathSource goes beyond just suggesting certain careers based on these quizzes.

Instead, PathSource also features thousands of interviews with professionals in various fields, college major suggestions, university information listings, and optional area-based job searches as well.

Overall, I found the features covered by PathSource to be very impressive; this app is definitely a great tool for students thinking about what career they might like to pursue, as well as for high school and college career-advice counselors.

The features all work together nicely to provide a full picture of possible career options—many of which students might not have even considered prior to using PathSource.

PathSource iPhone App

PathSource iPhone App

At the same time, however, there could probably still be improvements made. For instance, while the “lifestyle assessment” did include a question about college attendance plans/costs, it would probably be very helpful if the app could somehow break down this option into several questions regarding tuition cost per year, possible loan interest amounts, and desired payment plan options (5year, 10year, 15 year, etc.).

For the growing number of students graduating with significant amounts of college loans, this info could be helpful for providing a more accurate glimpse into what their projected financial needs might be following graduation.

Appearance and Layout:

Getting around PathSource is a snap. In fact, using some of the app’s features does not even require signing up for a free account first; instead, quizzes can be taken right away if desired.

A friendly blue and red color scheme throughout the app keeps it cheerful without feeling overwhelming bright, and all in-app fonts are easily readable, even on smaller screens.

In-app navigational icons all have text labels also, leaving no room for confusion regarding how to navigate PathSource. Finally, videos within the app are of acceptable quality as well.


PathSource is free to download and can definitely be of great value to its intended audience.

Although it probably won’t be an app that you’ll keep around for the long run, it can certainly be an app that will be useful when you’re making career decisions, such as choosing a college major or searching for a job in your area.

PathSource is very user-friendly, and its expansive library of career-focused videos is impressive in and of itself.

pathqrPathSource iPhone app requires iOS 7.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this article.

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