Top 10 iPhone Apps for Your New Years Resolutions

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Top 10 iPhone Apps for Your New Years Resolutions by

This is the time of year when people reflect on their lives and look ahead to a better year. You may wonder what ways you can improve yourself and set new goals for yourself.

These goals can, of course, can take many forms and lead you down many paths. However you are planning to effect positive changes in your life, there are apps to help to be successful.

In most cases people will look to improve the following aspects of their lives; fitness, overall lifestyle, and learning new things. In order to stay on track most people will also need some type of goal tracking capability since that is essential if you’re going to know whether or not you’re making any headway against your goals.

Whatever your personal goals are, take a look at our Top Ten iPhone Apps for Your New Year’s Resolutions. You may just find the apps you need to help you end the year better than when it started.


Runtastic for iPhone

Runtastic for iPhone

Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker (MyFitnessPal – free) – This is a must-have fitness app for anyone who is looking to improve themselves over the course of the new year by eating healthier.

This comprehensive diet tracker and calorie counter is the perfect tool for anyone who wants to keep tabs on what they’re eating. Plus, it’s a great way to document your health goals.

Runtastic Pro (runtastic – $4.99) – This app is perfect for people who want to get out and move around. This fantastic fitness tracker helps you log your workouts with ease, even keeping track of routes via GPS.

The best part about Runtastic is that it’s compatible with other fitness trackers like MyFitnessPal, meaning it’ll automatically export exercise data into supported apps so your data is logged.

Fitocracy (Fitocracy, Inc. – free) – If you haven’t heard of this app by now, you’re missing out. This social-centric iPhone app encourages users to track their exercise regimen in order to push themselves to do better by progressing through the ranks in a videogame-like way.

Users have the option of joining communities for social interaction, as well as using the app as a workout tool.


Day One  (Bloom Built, LLC – $4.99) – If journaling is part of your New Years goals, this is definitely the way to go. This versatile journal app helps you cover all aspects of your day and lets you write as much or as little as you want.

The app features an incredibly intuitive interface and makes it easy to tag entries for future reference. After all, keeping track of progress is the best way to stay focused on your goals.

GiveGab for iPhone

GiveGab for iPhone

GiveGab (GiveGab – free) – Giving back to the community is a popular resolution, and yes, there’s an app for that. GiveGab puts a twist on community volunteer opportunites by making it a social endeavor.

This means you can get together with neighbors and coordinate. Along with being able to give back to the local community, you can also discover new volunteer opportunities, as well as document your experiences and share them in order to encourage others to do the same.

Acorns (Acorns – free) – No New Years app list would be complete without a great way to manage your money. While there are tons of apps that let you keep track of your spending, very few give you the option of taking spare change and investing it.

Acorns hit the App Store back in July of this year, and it’s been growing in popularity ever since.

The app features bank-level security with tons perks, and is essentially a “set it and forget it” app. You can access your money at any time, and you only incur nominal fees if you decide to invest.


Duolingo (Duolingo – free) – Learning a new language not only helps you flex your brain muscles, but it’s also really fun if you find the right method. Duolingo is a world-renowned language learning app that helps users of all skill levels learn a new language.

The app features most common languages, from Spanish to Italian and many more.

Khan Academy for iPhone

Khan Academy for iPhone

Khan Academy (Khan Academy – free) – If you want your personal growth to expand beyond languages in the new year, Khan Academy’s handy free iPhone app is a must-have.

This portable version of the incredible online learning database makes it easy to take courses with you wherever you go. While there are plenty of educational apps and sites available, the best part about Khan Academy is the fact that everything is free.

Goal Tracking

Rare Candy (Joseph Slinker – $2.99) – No list of New Years apps would be complete without a way to keep track of your goals. Rare Candy is a must-have app for anyone who wants to turn goal progress tracking into a game.

Rare Candy lets users create their own character and level him or her up by logging time spent on goals. There are two types of goal categories which are designed to help you keep your character alive.

Goals like exercise grant your character health, while intellectual goals like reading grant your character mana.

Goal Streaks (Peer Assembly – $4.99) – For those who are looking for a goal tracker that’s a little more serious, Goal Streaks is where it’s at.

This feature-rich goal tracker and habit forming app aims to help users stay on task in order to develop good habits. Goal Streaks is a bit more visual than Rare Candy in that you can see your progress in a “bigger picture” kind of way.



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