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Trail the tail (educational and fun safari app for kids)
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Reviewed by Jim Desposito

Reviewed by Jim Desposito

Trail the Tail, from Thematica, is a wonderful set of 12 colorful and fun games that will delight your child as he or she solves problems and learns about animals. If you’re looking for a solid educational game for your little one to play on your iPad, give this one a whirl.


The app starts out with a very nice upbeat tune that works very well for the content and targeted age group (ages 5 and under). The first screen is very colorful with a bit of animation and shows five options; one button for parents, one button to access all 12 games, and three buttons in front of waving animal tails that take you to three different games.

One option takes you to a “parents” screen, blocked by a simple math problem, where you can subscribe to their newsletter, write a review, contact the developers via email, or read their privacy policy.

There is no language anywhere in the games themselves and so they work well for young children. They require some amount of exploration and problem solving to first figure out what to do and then to complete the activity. We especially like how there is never any negative response to an incorrect guess or failed effort.

The three “play” buttons on the bottom of the main screen are quick links to three games, but always the same three games. With twelve games in all, we’d like to see these buttons customizable so a parent to select which game each one starts. That would allow a parent to make sure their child can easily get to three of their favorites.

Trail the Tail iPad Game

Trail the Tail iPad Game


Each of the twelve games uses a different animal to present its little puzzle or challenge. Some of the games are very simple and cute, others require a bit of skill with placement and timing to get through and finish it. The monkey game in particular is very cute and requires each little monkey to be placed into a hammock and then rocked so it goes to sleep.

A number of the games teach the player about the foods that an animal eats and others are just fun. For example, to complete the lion game you have to pick the meat items from the group at the bottom of the screen and move five of them to the lion’s mouth. Each animal can be touched to make it move and make a sound. Other items are also touch sensitive, such as birds that fly when they’re touched.

Overall Value

This is an excellent app to fire up and sit down to spend some quality time with your child. Kids will love the tune, the colorful cartoon animal images and graphics, and the age-appropriate problem solving puzzles. While it does cost three bucks, it is well worth it since there are no ads or IAPs to worry about.


trailthetail-qrTrial the Tail requires iOS 6.0 or later. Compatible with iPad. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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