Top Ten Free Must-Have Apps for New iPhone Users


Top Ten Free Must-Have Apps for New iPhone Users by

Written by Adam Itkoff

Got yourself a brand spanking new iPhone 6 or 6 Plus? Just get a 5 or maybe a hand-me-down from your spouse, sibling, or parent? Maybe you’re just trying to be a bit frugal and bought a used iPhone to save some coin.

No matter how you did it if you are a new iPhone user, or even if you’ve had one for awhile but just want to see if you’re covered, this post is for you.

Top Ten Must-Have Apps for New iPhone Users

At the risk of sounding like a total nerd, iOS changed my life. I went from having a “dumbphone” without access to the Internet, to an iPhone 5 at the height of its launch in 2012. Suddenly, I went from struggling to turn my phone on, to floating through multiple rounds of FIFA and streaming new music the instant it was released.

For a few short months, I was in heaven. Since then I’ve taken to reviewing the latest apps on TheiPhoneAppReview, and have developed a propensity for all apps bright, shiny, and otherwise immaculate.

In this vein, and courtesy of TheiPhoneAppReview, here are my Top Ten Free Must-Have Apps for New iPhone Users!

whatsappiconWhatsApp Messenger  – Free

What App is worth gobs of cash, and can let you connect with absolutely anyone around the world?

Two words; What’s App. This app is simple and delightful, it boasts a graphic similar to “Messages” or “Facetime” and will fit in easily with your other communication apps.

Nope, users don’t need to be in the same network to contact each other. In fact, they don’t even need to be on the same continent.


linkediniconLinkedIn – Free

This little app is constantly redesigned to meet the latest iOS rollout, and can help you land the job of your dreams.

Connecting with others is extremely easy, and in fact, I would argue that the mobile version is way more enjoyable than the desktop version.

With a new plan for Content Strategy delivering you stellar articles, and an instant way to connect with colleagues from any industry, this one is a top download for sure.


facebookmessengericonFacebook Messenger – Free

Facebook Messenger has undergone a major overhaul in the last few months.

Now designed for use outside of the Facebook app itself, messenger boasts a simple way to connect with those that you usually chat with inside of Facebook’s Desktop Version.

I actually know some people who have cut off their cell-phone plans entirely and use What’s App and Messenger in conjunction entirely off of Wi-Fi. With a call function, hilarious emoticons, and lightning fast messaging, why not?


instagramiconInstagram – Free

If you just had a delicious meal, you might want to post it to Instagram.

If you just saw a cool sunset, you might want to post it to Instagram. If you just did anything, you might want to post it to Instagram. And in fact, people really do all of this and more.

This app has an explosive user base and is delightful to use. With a new revenue model and the rollout of a slow motion “Hyperlapse” counterpart, Instagram won’t slow down anytime soon.


soundcloudiconSoundCloud – Music & Audio – Free

Sure there’s Spotify and iTunes, but have you downloaded Soundcloud?

This Berlin-Based app is working on new revenue streaming models, and will be a household name soon, that is to say, if it’s not already. Songs that haven’t cleared copyright are posted liberally to stream free of cost; including unreleased gems found absolutely nowhere else on the Internet.

This app is an incredible find, and just by following some of your favorite artists, you’ll be turned onto new tunes you may have otherwise never discovered. Simply put, Soundcloud is a huge win for music lovers of all genres.

sunrisecalendariconSunrise Calendar – for Google Calendar, Exchange and for iCloud – Free

Plenty of people are relatively unimpressed with iOS’s standard calendar app. Others simply sleep through their alarm clocks and need a new solution.

For iPhone users of all types, the Sunrise app is an absolute pleasure. You can sync this calendar app with Facebook to remember birthdays, customize your use of the app to fit your needs, and generally stay ahead of the curb with the Sunrise App.

The app is extremely quick, aesthetically delightful, and a must-have for new iPhone users.


googlemapsiconGoogle Maps – Free

Google Maps probably knows where you are right now. In fact, they might even know what you’re doing too.

While Google is notoriously ubiquitous, they’re also extremely helpful. When driving, taking the subway, or even walking, you can get pinpoint directions easily with the Google Maps App.

Even if you have a keen sense of direction, we recommend you download this one. It’s free, and is a wonderful backup plan if you’re on the go.


twittericonTwitter – Free

Do you tweet? If so, grab this free app. If not, get a free account. Simply put, Twitter is the pulse of news and culture.

It’s pretty incredible when you think about how many major global news stories have been broken by Twitter instead of AP, The New York Times, CNN, Fox News or any other “traditional” news outlet. Protests and revolutions go haywire on this bite-sized outlet before they even reach your television, which is wildly slow in comparison.

Twitter is the new communication age taking place before your very eyes. Oh yeah, and follow me @adamitkoff.


nprnewsiconNPR News – Free

If you’re sick of Fox or CNN, NPR is your best bet for credible reporting.

This wonderful app can tune you right into local stations, and will even save special news reports for your listening pleasure anytime.

Objective and insightful reporting doesn’t get any better than this. And of course, because it’s National Public Radio, the app won’t cost you a penny no matter how much you use it.


evernoteiconEvernote – Free

Evernote is a productivity gem. Easily, this one has reached viral ranks, and allows you to organize in a unique and helpful way.

Sync with a desktop version, use digital post-its, or do just about anything else you need to get organized with Evernote.

The Free version comes chock full of incredible features, the app is well-constructed, and in general, tops of our Top Ten list quite nicely.


 Top Ten Free Must-Have Apps for New iPhone Users

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