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The Top 10 iPhone Apps We Use by

Those of us who work at not only review apps, we also use apps and have our personal favorites that may be old friends or new buddies, but either way they’re on our iPhones or iPads and we use them on a regular basis.

We thought it would be helpful to you, our loyal readers, to share with you our favorite apps that, in one way or another, enrich our lives.

Sometimes these apps help us in small ways, such as a game that offers an entertaining diversion while we’re waiting for that morning coffee, sometimes they help to achieve our personal goals, such as a fitness app, or it may be a serious productivity app that we need to get our jobs done.

Whatever the case, these apps may be widely popular or diamonds in the rough, but they are apps we use and love.

So, without further ado, here is the first installment of The Top iPhone Apps We Use.

myfitnesspaliconCalorie Counter & Diet Tracker by MyFitnessPal – Free

About six months ago, I’d hit a weight with which I just didn’t feel comfortable. So, I decided to take my waistline into my own hands—or in my own pocket, I suppose.

MyFitness Pal is easily the best, most efficient way I have ever found to track calories and weight loss via your iPhone.

It’s elegant, simple to use, and is frequently updated. All of these things make for an experience that takes the edge off taking the fat off.

I’ve lost 13 pounds to date, and I intend to keep rocking with the help of this little fitness buddy.  —  Luke Patrick


duolingoiconDuolingo: – Free

I am a bilingual person, speaking both English and French on a regular basis. However, I’m extremely interested in other languages, and I’ve yet to find a better way to pursue that interest than with Duolingo.

The application is a delight to use, and turns the drudgery of learning a new tongue into something approaching an arcade game.

Currently the program offers popular languages like Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Dutch. You can spend as little or as much time with each as you want.

Just know that this isn’t your Rosetta Stone type app. You’ll get to actually speak the language, hear lots of vocal words, and entirely skip the tedious grammar memorization.

It’s absolutely heavenly, I promise.  —  Luke Patrick


untappediconUntapped: – Free

On a lighter (or possibly much more fattening) note, my love of beer finds no better home than Untapped for the iPhone.

Think of it as a FourSquare for your favorite brews. If you’re sampling a new type of beer, boot up the app and add it to your profile with a rating.

The app learns what you like, and then suggests other, similar types of beer to you.

The app caters to a niche market, but with more and more hipsters getting into craft beer, it’s definitely worth a look for the beer enthusiast.

With more than 100 distinct beer tastings to my name already, I’ve earned a wealth of badges, found a handful of incredible new beers, and have made several new friends along the way.  —  Luke Patrick


acornsiconAcorns: – Free

Most banks have some kind of program that involves rounding up your spare change and placing it into a savings account. I’ve enjoyed these kinds of programs in the past, as they help me effortlessly save up, even when I’m not thinking about money at all.

This same concept has been applied to creating your own investment portfolio, thanks to Acorns.

It’s a work-in-progress (they’ve had some hiccups with money moving lately) but I’ve enjoyed my time with it thus far. Users pay nominal fees, and in turn the app takes spare change and invests it in easy ETFs.

Will this replace my standard investment account? No, not really. But it’s the perfect solution for new investors that don’t want the headaches and just want the rewards.  —  Luke Patrick


breatheiconStop, Breathe & Think: – Luke Patrick

Taking time out of your day to relax and de-stress is just difficult. With busy schedules, lots of errands to take care, and constant crisis that pop-up, there’s just no good way to block off a portion of the day for me-time.

Stop, Breathe & Think tries to take the edge off of all this by encouraging you to meditate for small periods every day.

It rewards users for doing so with stickers and personal encouragement. Offering guided meditations that range from five minutes to an hour, the app is the perfect way for me to turn-off, sit-down and just breathe for a while.

It’s not for everyone, but I promise it isn’t as hippie-dippy as it sounds. If you’re comfortable listening to your own breathing for a while, you’ll do well with Breathe.


spotifyiconSpotify: – Luke Patrick

It’s not exactly an uncommon application to find on people’s smartphones, but I could not get around without Spotify on the iPhone.

I pay the premium membership fee each month to get the most out of my app, and I cannot speak highly enough of the experience. There’s one reason why, too:

Because all of my music is streamed, I never have to worry about running out of hard drive space again.

My iPhone is squeaky clean on the disk-side and runs like a dream now that it’s not carrying thousands of MP3s.

Plus, Spotify’s audio quality is ridiculous, which means my increased storage space comes with very little cost. Other than that membership, I guess.


nikeiconNike+ Training Club: – Free

Although it might take a little longer to load on older iOS devices, the Nike Training app is a great tool for anyone looking for motivation to workout.

With an easy, user-friendly layout, this app features workouts for users of all fitness levels, complete with how-to videos for each exercise.

The app also allows you to easily play your own music while still running the app; music played on your iPod softens momentarily when the app is directing a change in a workout or noting a set period of progress.

I also really appreciate how Nike+ offers both longer (45 minute) and shorter (15 minute) workout plans, and the way that the app tracks your completed workouts is definitely another positive aspect of it as well.  —  Marilyn Chau


instatusiconinStatus: – $0.99

Although there are definitely other, more popular apps that offer similar features to inStatus, I’ve found it to be a photo editing app that is definitely underrated.

inStatus features an easy to navigate layout with a plenty of photo editing tools to tweak your iOS images into more impressive pieces of art.

My favorite use for inStatus is actually its layering options, specifically the number of fonts that can be used to layer text over images.

The in-app typography can be easily adjusted to fit your chosen image’s needs, and exporting edited images to either your photo library or to a social media platform (like Instagram) just takes a few more clicks.

Overall, inStatus is a very user-friendly app for anyone wanting to do clean editing on their iOS images.  —  Marilyn Chau


ptrackericonPeriod Tracker Lite: – Free

Offered as both a free and a “complete” (for-pay) version, Period Tracker Lite is a great app for any females who want to easily keep track of their hormonal cycles.

The app features slots to quickly fill in any information you want to record on a daily basis, from temperature recordings to mood swings.

On-screen swipes are all that is needed for recording the start and end of menstrual periods, and the app does all the work of predicting of how your next cycles might play out, based on the information you have inputted for previous cycles.

P Tracker also does the work of compiling your inputted info into charts, letting you easily see patterns like the average length of your cycles or how your basal body temperature fluctuates during the month.  —  Marilyn Chau


kindleiconKindle – Free

There is no question that dedicated book readers are nice, and have some real advantages in certain situations, such as reading in the sun outdoors.

However, being able to pick up your phone or tablet and start reading where you left off, is a convenience that I frequently use and appreciate.

Whether I’m using my Android phone or iPad, my book is sync’d and I can pick up right where I left off. This app works great and, in addition to the tremendous selection of books available, both paid and free, you can easily add pdf and MS Word docs just by emailing them to a unique email address that’s provided to you.

All in all this is one of the most useful apps I have.  —  Jim Desposito


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