Press Release: PromptSmart for iOS Delivers the Easiest Public Speaking Experience


October 2, 2014 – New York, NY – PromptSmart has released their first free update (v1.1) for their app, PromptSmart, an innovative teleprompter app for the iPad and iPhone that uses VoiceTrack™ proprietary speech recognition technology to deliver the easiest public speaking experience.

Reviewed by Luke PatrickPromptSmart is the first app of its kind to implement VoiceTrack™, the innovative speech recognition software. This revolutionary new approach to teleprompting allows PromptSmart to “listen” to the speaker’s voice and adjust scrolling speeds to match the speaker in real time. It provides the smoothest, most seamless prompting experience ever, besting even traditional models in terms of efficiency. All of this can be performed directly from the device as well, requiring no additional data connectivity.

PromptSmart provides users with more than just its cutting-edge speech tracking capablity. It also includes notecard ready additions for simple outlines in place of full speeches; simple document uploading with minimal rendering adjustments, text mirroring for compliance with glass prompting rigs, and audio recording for practice sessions.

A recent review from gave PromptSmart a rating of 4.5/5 stars and said, “Just start reading your own words, and the rest takes care of itself! To us, that’s easily worth the price of admission, especially for the frequent speaker.”

The top-rated review site went on to add, “This is a sharp looking utility with far-reaching potential. And though the bill is higher than most, it’s easily worth the cost of admission. PromptSmart earns a solid rating from us, as well as a tip of the hat.”

“From my time coaching MBA students in public speaking,” said Founder and CEO Eric Sadkin, “I saw an opportunity to significantly improve the speaking experience using today’s mobile technology. PromptSmart aims to be the most advanced, accessible speech aid for any speaker.”

In addition to the features already mentioned, PromptSmart allows for place-holding during speeches. If the user should go off script, the app will wait until text is recognized again. PromptSmart also allows for the customization of text color and size alongside significant timing capabilities.

PromptSmart v1.1 is available on the iTunes App Store for a launch price of only $9.99. It is compatible with iPad and iPhone, requiring iOS 7.0 or higher.


About the Developer:
PromptSmart was born out of a passion for public speaking. As a Communications Fellow at Wharton Business School, PromptSmart CEO and Founder Eric Sadkin coached and mentored students in the art of public speaking. He realized that many orators would be better supported by an intuitive, speaker-controlled teleprompter and a way to digitally create and display notes. Sadkin also recognized that today’s mobile devices could address these needs. With these in mind, PromptSmart was created.


Eric Sadkin
Founder & CEO


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