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Helidroid 3B : 3D RC Helicopter
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Review by Adam Itkoff

Review by Adam Itkoff

We’ve all had dreams of flying. There’s something fascinating about reaching impossible heights, and soaring through the sky.

Helidroid 3D, from MH Production, is a terrific game that lets you get as high as you want without leaving your living room.

This game puts you straight into the pilot seat, and has you soaring, chasing birds, firing missiles and navigating mission after mission of sheer excitement.

In general, the game is well constructed, with detailed definition, three-dimensional graphics, simple controls and plenty of missions. Strap in, take off and fly away with the Helidroid App!


This game boasts both a physics engine and a particle engine to keep things realistic. This allows flying, as well as virtual effects, to take on a realistic nature, and keeps things exciting throughout.

Other features include controlling your helicopter via a sensitive joystick with various control modes, your choice of 4 different helicopters, and tons of levels to fly around in.

You’ll have to beat one mission to move to the next, sort of in the vein and format of Angry Birds, which is definitely a successful model to follow. You’ll see a map letting you plot your missions and proceed through the game.

iPhone App Review Helidroid Review

Helidroid iPhone Game

Concept and Functionality:

We’re impressed with the engine that drives both the app itself, as well as these nifty little helicopters. Variation is key with apps like this, so having multiple helicopters to choose from, as well as levels to play in, is an imperative piece of the puzzle here.

The only noticeable caveat is that levels are actually split across multiple games. This is probably done to save space, but sends the user to the App Store when they attempt to select certain levels.

Instead, we would like to see a single App, twice the size. It might border on 100MB, but this could allow for a centralized experience that doesn’t take the user out of the experience.

As much as splitting your game into multiple apps might make sense from a development standpoint, we think it will hurt the chances of going viral for the app. Users want to game together, in a single place, easily.

Overall Value:

The app is free, fun, and new. You get a whole lot of features and gaming without spending a penny, and the three-dimensional nature of the app shows some real development tenacity. We look forward to seeing future versions of this app roll out as well.

HQRHelidroid 3B : 3D RC Helicopter requires iOS 4.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. This app is optimized for iPhone 5. A small expedite fee was paid to speed up the publication of this review.

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