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October 10, 2014 – Cambridge, UKDead Giveaway, by developer AppStreet Games Ltd., is a hilarious new trivia app for the iPhone that’s guaranteed to entertain. Offering a quirky, cartoony premise and 100% pop-culture driven questions, the app is the perfect antidote to snooze-worthy quiz games.

Dead Giveaway is not your average trivia hustle, offering an inviting atmosphere that’s just as funny as it is fun to play. The premise involves players working their way through a zombie-run gameshow in order to save themselves. How do they win? By answering popular culture questions as quickly as possible. Along the way, they’ll win coins to unlock more clues and skips, potentially saving grey matter when it matters most.

The game is a refreshing take on a stodgy genre. Rather than boring players with science and history questions, the game focuses on content most will recognize. Questions cover popular music to television shows to large companies, like Google. The atmosphere is inviting, rather than intimidating or overly scholastic.

A recent review from gave Dead Giveaway a rating of 4.5/5 stars and said, “The graphics are cartoony and inviting, while the trivia questions are solidly difficult. Everything about the experience has been cleverly designed to suck you in and keep you playing—and we can’t get enough, it seems.”

The top-rated review site went on to add, “Dead Giveaway is a brilliantly quirky, hilariously entertaining, and endlessly rewarding entry into the trivia genre. We’ve greatly enjoyed our time with it, and we will likely continue to do so in the future.”

“We took a different tack from the rest of the pack with Dead Giveaway,” said AppStreet Games CEO, Vijay Sharma. “We don’t want to bore players with tired old questions about history, or science, or math. We wanted to cover topics like the Simpsons, Michael Jackson albums, and crazy celebrities. It’s that kind of stuff that people know, and we though it was time someone made that into trivia fun.”

Dead Giveaway offers a wealth of levels and questions with increased difficultly beyond each checkpoint. In addition, the game also features funny quips from the zombies themselves, providing a provocative backdrop to the already engaging trivia.

Dead Giveaway is available for free on the iTunes App Store. It is compatible with iPhone and requires iOS 6.0 or higher.


About the Developer:
Dead Giveaway is the first release by innovative AppStreet Games, a young studio with a dedication to providing players with fun, genre-defining gameplay. Their first release is a perfect example of AppStreet’s focus on the player, offering an engaging premise, great gameplay, and an inviting question set for easy access. The studio hopes to build on the momentum of their first release, eventually publishing more titles on more mobile platforms.


Vijay Sharma
AppStreet Games Ltd.


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